The Road Home is a Fallout: Equestria side story written by MarcDAJohnson.

The story follows Crack Shot, an ambitious young unicorn buck from Stable 23.

Story and Setting

After a botched mission, Crack Shot escapes his stable. After leaving he finds work with a courier service near ponyville. After a run in with raiders he joins forces with a group of Applejack's rangers that are operating in the area. Little did he know the project that forced him from his stable has the power to shape the wasteland forever. This is his story.

Stable 23 is located About five hours south of New Appleloosa. The Stable's entrance is cleverly hidden under a statue. A special series of triggers is required to reveal the opening.

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Main characters

Crack Shot


Tip and Top



The Captain


Cherry Bomb

Dark Matters

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