Fallout: Equestria - The Slaver is an incomplete Fallout: Equestria side story by Keeneye47/Wolfkeen. The story currently has four chapters (Not including the intro and prologue) and is a little over 29k words long. The story follows a former slaver by the name of, Fragment Memories. The story can currently be read on his Deviantart .


Life seemed simple enough for the slaver known as Fragment Memories. He had an easy enough life, was surviving the day to day activities, but has always wanted to travel the wasteland. His Father and Grandfather have always told him stories about their adventures in the wastes. These stories is what drove Fragment to leave his home of Old Appleloosa and become a mercenary.

Fragment wanted to make a name for himself, become somepony important. However, the wasteland had a different plan in mind for him. What adventures and secrets will Fragment find and will he survive to tell his tale? Only time will tell.


The story begins in the slaver town of Old Appleloosa and takes place throughout eastern Equestria. According to chapter four, the story takes place roughly a month before Littlepips adventure and will have Fragment searching the wasteland for her. Looking to avenge those he lost when Old Appleloosa was attacked.

References to other Side Stories

Fallout: Equestria - Fragment meets characters from the main story and interacts with them as well. It has been indicated that the story is roughly a month before the original begins.

Project Horizons - Hoofinton has been mentioned in one chapter and so were the various mercenary groups by a caravaneer who's traveled there.

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