Fallout equestria wild wasteland cover by clickclackthebrony-d5i47xo

Wild Wasteland is a Fallout: Equestria spinoff written by Click Clack and hosted on It has reached chapter 6 and is over 100K words long, with chapters averaging about 17K, not including the prologue. It has a somewhat episodic nature and while it involves a relatively high amount of comic relief and surreal elements, it can at times get very, very dark. It is heavy on references to other media, with Doctor Whooves and some incarnation of the Pound Puppies slated to make an appearance, among many others.

Plot Summary

Click Click was a repair pony living in New Appleloosa who had grown bored with his dull, repetitive life. One day he hears a radio broadcast from the Checkmate Company asking for caravan guards, and decides to join up, just to see what it's like outside his home.

The adventure takes a turn for the odd, however, when it turns out that the job he accepted entails escorting a delivery to the Cult of Discord, and somehow the Draconequus's influence causes strange things to happen as the trip goes on.

Side Stories

The Wild Wasteland universe contains other stories which exist independent of the main plot. Typically they follow characters other than Click Click. These stories have been combined in a separate Fimfic story entry, FOE Wild Wasteland Side Stories.

These have been written so far:

  • Hot Mess, about Knight finding a fire demon while she's very, very cold. It was written for the "300 members special" contest of fimfiction's Fallout Equestria group, and won second place.
  • Dirty Deeds Done at a Very High Cost, which gives a look into the past of Rook, the Checkmate Company's resident badass emo poet griffin. Written for the same group's 600/700 members contest, it managed to win third place.
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