Fallout Equestria: Ain't It Fun?, Written by Riptid3, is the story of April Showers, a mare who's been living in a Caneighdian School for as long as she could remember. When she's bored with the rut she calls her life, she and her friend abandon their haven and enter the wasteland. What they discover, just might wipeout what's left of Equestrian civilization.

The story only has 4 chapters and is likely abandoned. Read it on FIMfiction.

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The story takes place five years after the ending of Fallout: Equestria. It starts off in Tortrotto, Caneighda.


April Showers- A mare who worked as a merchant, sweet talking customers before venturing out into the wasteland. Tenderhearted, but inexperienced in any form of combat.

Belette- A sarcastic, usually selfish mare, usually acting on desire or rage.

Whathefuckbarbeque - A stray dog befriended by April Showers and Belette during their first adventure.


Chapter 1 - Well Thought Plans

The protagonist April Showers and her friend Belette are introduced as residents of Tortrotto in the northern country of Caneighda. April is bored of the unexciting life in the relative safety of Tortrotto, so she convinces Belette to join her on an adventure into the wasteland, without any plan in mind.

Chapter 2 - Beginner's Luck

April Showers and Belette leave Tortrotto with little resistance from the guards. As they are heading to the next settlement, they are ambushed by a giant radscorpion. April Showers is knocked airborne by its initial attack, but Belette defeats it using Mirage V.

Chapter 3 - Suppress

April Showers and Belette arrive at a small settlement called Sunshine District. They investigate a house that a pegasus fatally crash landed into and encounter the town's sheriff. He takes them to his office to question their business in town and offers them a quest to clear out a raider nest to the northeast that attacked a caravan carrying medical supplies. April accepts this quest and the two mares stay the night in one of the town's abandoned houses.

April and Belette arrive at the raider nest, the remains of a hotel in the ruins of a small city. Belette goes to the building's utilities to mess with its systems and try to draw the raiders' attention while April tries to sneak upstairs to recover the supplies. April falls through a hole while exploring one of the upper floors and is forced to fight and kill her first raider. Soon after, the sound draws the attention of two more raiders. She kills one of them but is knocked out and captured by the other.

She wakes up in the bed of one of the hotel rooms, hoofcuffed to the wall. She struggles to free herself but gives up and goes back to sleeping off the pain. Soon afterwards, she is awakened by the sound of gunfire. A very pissed off Belette kills several raiders and finds April's room, freeing her from the hoofcuffs.

Chapter 4 - Buck Up

April and Belette explore the rest of the hotel's lower half, fighting more raiders and finally acquiring the medkits on the 7th floor. April lost her revolver, but during combat finds a 10mm SMG made by Castro Inc.. After recovering the medical supplies, they are chased into the upper, broken off part of the hotel by the remaining raiders. The two mares escape by leaping through one of the slanted windows towards the top floor, into the window of an adjacent building.

Having lost the raiders, the two make their way down the ruins of the abandoned building, encountering a few radroaches and molerats along the way which don't pose a significant threat. On their way down, they encounter a homeless, ragged dog guarding an additional medkit. They befriend the dog, name it "Whathefuckbarbeque", and leave the raider nest city with Barbeque carrying the medkit for them.

The characters arrive back at Sunshine District and turn in the recovered medkits to the sheriff. With the caps they were rewarded and the loot they acquired in the raider nest, they do some trading at Sunshine District's general store and finally acquire some armor. Even after their trading, they still have plenty of caps leftover and have become modestly wealthy by wasteland standards.

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