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The Lightbringer has risen, the Enclave has fallen. Equestria is on the threshold of a new era. This is all very poetic, but KnickKnack is a pony with ambitions and he intends to pursue them. Question is - is he willing to pay the price?

Fallout Equestria: Emergence

by TheImmolatedPoet

Story and Setting

The story is set in a Sunshine Era wasteland and follows the adventures of KnickKnack, an engineer pony from an unnamed Stable that was destroyed in the events that led to the fall of the Enclave.

The story can be read over on FimFiction


FoE: Emergence takes place in an Equestria that has recently been shaken by the events of the original story. Things are beginning to change.

There are those looking to nurture this change, leading Equestria to better times.

There are those who wish to sculpt it to their will, carving out an Equestria better for themselves.

There are most, who simply try to live through each day.

And then there's KnickKnack.

This aspiring little pony has ambitions and the recent changes in his life have allowed him to finally pursue them. His want for freedom, adventure and invention are all within his reach - but it comes with a price. His selfishness and ambition will be the cause of much anguish and death, lives that were not his right to gamble with. Will this lead him down a dark path, or will he atone for his selfishness and emerge a better pony?

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