Fallout Equestria: How To Train Your Raider

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Fallout Equestria: How to Train Your Slaver is an FoE sidefic coauthored by RIPTID3 and Pyromaniac that is a series of short journal entries by two ponies, Knockout, and Two Bits.


Two Bits, a young mare from a small trading town, is convinced that she can reform a slaver, to change him for the better. Along the way, they must deal with creatures, thieves, various other scum, and most importantly, each other.


Two Bits is a naive young mare from a small trading town. On her eighteenth birthday, she decides to start her own grand adventure. Nothing goes according to plan, however, when she is caught by slavers.

After her escape, she allows one of the slavers, Knockout, to stay alive under one condition: He is to follow her, and change his ways.

Obviously, he's not too happy about that.


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