Sagittarius and rose commission by sirhcx-d72wz2z

Sage Evergreen protecting her sister, Rose with a blue fire spell. As their pet Fyrebird, Fyrefly, flies overhead. Art by sirhcx

Fallout Equestria: New Age is a side story to the original Fallout: Equestria.


In New Age ponies from the prancing nation of Prancem are dispatched to aid in their nation's plans for world conquest. Their mission is to find a megaspell bomb that was to be given to them from Equestria. However the Last Day ruined those plans hundreds of years ago. As Littlepip is trying to find Velvet Remedy, and save the wasteland from Red Eye's army. As Blackjack is exploring the Hoofington area. As Puppysmiles is trying to find her mother. The Enforcers of Prancem are sent out to explore the Crystal Wasteland of the former Crystal Empire. Soon the wastelands will become the stage of Prancem's Stable Rebellion and where the fate of the entire world will be decided.


Sage Evergreen: The main protagonist and a rebel of Prancem. She is an Enforcer for her nation, and she manages to join the team heading to Equestria to protect her younger sister. However she becomes the de facto leader of the team and leads the rebellion against President Iceblood.

Rose Evergreen: Sage's youner sister. Who is the E-Team's field medic along with her pegasus friend Herbal Garden. Sage manages to get on the E-Team in order to protect Rose during the mission.

Azrael "Deathray" Drays: A fellow Enforcer with Sage Evergreen. He acts like a tough guy a lot, likes to brag and reminds the others of the rules. Yet has a fear of the dark. During one mission he occasionally turned on his PipBuck's flash light option inside a magnifying glass factory, while trying to find UBs, also known as Unauthorized Beings. However the light hit several magnifying glasses that concentrated the beam of light. Then cut through a metal wall. Exposing his team to the UBs which escaped. Since then his fellow Enforcers never let him live it down.

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