Fallout Equestria: Reminders is an ongoing spin-off fanfiction by Vaatidj. The story takes place seventy five years after the war.

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False Guilt takes place during the post war era seventy-five years after the Last Day. It focuses on Dead Hooves, a pony who has her back legs paralyzed, after she is kidnapped by raiders thinking she was a murderous pony called the Bloody Angel. She soon releases that one of her kidnappers had an alterior motive and framed her after they mention her dead father. She manages to escape the raiders and finds herself having to brave the Wasteland as she searches for revenge against the pony that framed her.


Main Characters

Dead Hooves

A unicorn who has been paralyzed since birth, she has never seen what the wasteland was truly like until she was kidnapped. She is now searching for answers to why she is framed and is searching for revenge.

Willow Wisp

A mute pegasus brutily hurt, Dead Hooves meets her after waking up in the raider camp. She is very mysterious and not much is known about her, except that everyone she finds dead she buries, no matter who they are.


A unicorn and the first "friend" besides from Willow Wisp that Dead Hooves meets after climbing out of the raider camp. Despite working with the two of them to help get to Manehattan, Dead Hooves sees Sharpshot as a jerk with no care about most others around him.


A young pegasus Doctor from the very small settlement of Manechester, she is very caring and has an oddly close relationship to Sharpshot.

Silver Gunner

An odd robotic pony found in the ruins of Manehattan. Not much is known about it and the creator.

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