Fallout Equestria: The King's Return is a Fallout Equestria side story written/drawn by Pokee-Paint



The book is written in a third-person limited perspective, and the comics are written in a third-person ominescent perspective. The story in whole revolves around Ace, the protagonist, and Spade, the Antagonist. Spade wishes to destroy Equestria for inprisoning him for so long, and Ace is determined to stop him. (The King's Return is issue #1 in the comic series "Fallout Equestria: The 5th Card")

You can find the comic here

And the book here (when it can be released)



The story takes place all across Equestria, but mostly in the northern half (I.E. Vanhoover, Crystal Mountains, Manehatten, Neighagra Falls)


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Ace - The mane protagonist, Ace is an honest and loyal pony who was inspired by the pre-war mane 6 to spread hope across Equestria.

Spade - The mane antagonist, Spade is a selfish, lying, unloyal, greedy changeling king who only cares about his own personal gain. He pretends to care about his changeling subjects, but is using them to destroy Equestria.

The Boss - The Leader of a raider gang outside of Manehatten. The gang is made up of pegasi, dragons, and Griffons. He dispises unicorns and/or magic users in general. (This includes S.A.T.S.) And does not include remedies such as Healing potions/Magical bandages.

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