"The Wilderness, the true last standing area of the wasteland. Covered in green forest and beautiful mountains, it's lack of overall significance to Equestria had kept it from being a major target during the war."

Overmare Broken Record, Prologue

Fallout Equestria: The Wilderness is a side fic written by Vaatidj. The story takes place twenty years after Fallout Equestria and in a new area of the Equestria called The Wilderness.


The Story follows Stable 17 Overmare and former radio mare Broken Record after a mysterious door shows up in the stable after an earthquake. One day when she is sleeping, the door is unknowingly broken open and everyone except Broken Record is killed by something. Upon further investigation she finds out that the Stable's science ponies were working on a machine called Experiment 17 and she realizes that this thing is what killed everyone in the stable.

With nothing left in Stable 17 for her she makes out for an area of Equestria called The Wilderness, one of very few places spared the destruction of the mega spells. As she searches for Experiment 17 she will have to make choices and decisions that will forever change The Wilderness and the ponies in it.


Main Characters

Broken Record

Once the Overmare and Radio mare of Stable 17, Broken Record is the one pony who can tell you just how much her jobs sucks. While she is normally calm and relaxed, residents of the stable seem to fear making her annoyed or angry.


  • The locations in The Wilderness are based off of Southern Vermont, with locations such as Stallion Mountain being named after Stratton Mountain.


Only the first chapter and the prologue has been uploaded so far for the story. However it is available on FimFiction to read if you are interested.

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