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"Not all scars can be healed so easily. Even today, war can come back to the land of Equestria."

Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Jewel is an ongoing spin-off fanfic written by RuinQueenofOblivion, focusing

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on the Stable Dweller Ruby Starlight as she journeys across the southern part of the Equestria Wasteland.


Five years after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, the New Canterlot Republic is in the middle of an ongoing war with a faction known as the Crimson Empire over the city of Neigh Orleans. In the middle of this conflict, Stable 26 opens its doors for the first time in over two centuries and Ruby Starlight, a medical Pony leaves in order to see if she can survive in the Wasteland.

Drawn into the conflict between the NCR and Crimson Empire, Ruby helps break a long standing stalemate between the two groups and joins the war on the NCR's side. From there her journey takes her south, into the ruins of Neigh Orleans, where many secrets await her.


Main Cast

Ruby Starlight

Ruby is a Unicorn and Medical Pony from Stable 26. The narrator and main protagonist of Wasteland Jewel, Ruby left Stable 26 after being chosen by the Stable's computer to journey out into the Wasteland.


A Pegasus and mercenary that works with the NCR in an unofficial capacity, Bluesky was the first Pony to join Ruby's group.


A Unicorn Pony and NCR Ranger Colonel who comes from a tribe called the Daywalkers, and is originally from Stable 13. Midnight is notable, especially compared to her superiors, for considering collateral damage, which put her with Ruby's group as a liaison officer.

Other Characters

Doctor Whooves/The Doctor

In this story Doctor Whooves goes pony universe version of "The Doctor" from Doctor Who TV Series. He helps Ruby from time to time in her journey through the Wasteland.


The DJ for NCR Radio, Melody's calming voice is a popular staple for Wasteland Dwellers. In chapter 9, it is revealed that she is a Zebra named Xiraia.


Wasteland Jewel is set in and around the city of Neigh Orleans on the southern end of the Equestrian Wasteland. It features several other communities around this area, all named after towns in Louisiana.


The fanfic seems to follow the original canon established in Fallout: Equestria, with minor changes that include things from the show such as Twilight Sparkle being an Alicorn or the Crystal Empire.

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