Trigger to tomorrow cover art by spyroconspirator-d5qbbaq


Fallout Equestria x Wild Arms: Trigger to Tomorrow is a Fallout Equestria side story written by Thatguyvex. It can be read on fimfiction.


Longwalk is a colt ignorant of the world outside his tribe's isolated valley. He's never heard a gunshot in his life and wouldn't know a radscorpion from a radgator. And what does 'rad' even mean anyway? But he's about to get a crash course in Wasteland Survival 101 when an unusual discovery leads to a dangerous sojourn into the vast wastes beyond his humble home. Ignorant or not Longwalk is going to have to learn fast if he wants to survive mutated monsters, heartless mercenaries, perilous ancient ruins, overly dramatic villains, long winded plot exposition, politics, and perhaps most dangerous of all, the friends he makes along the way.


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