Fern is a Timberwolf pup and last surviving member of his pack.


Present Day

Fern was just a pup when his ash coated packmates left to try and bring in some food. Unfortunately for them, they captured Fluster. Ripple and his group tracked the wolves back to their den and killed the Timberwolf pack to rescue Fluster. Fern was a unnamed pup at the time and trotted out after his pack had been killed.

Either by his own will or Fluster's urgings, Fern began to follow the group, Fluster ducking in and out of the road they were travelling to frequently check on him and make sure he was still following them. Ashred halted their march through the ash coated forest to question Fluster and got her to reveal Fern. Fern becomes attached and dependant upon Fluster, never seen far away from her.

Fluster took to carrying Fern in one of her many pouches to keep him hidden and safe during firefights which almost got him killed when he popped up and surprised Ripple. Fern's whereabouts and status are unknown during Fluster and Shade's capture by Massacre's Raider army.


  • Fern is a young pup, too young to hunt and feed himself.
  • Has become attached to Fluster, possibly imprinting her as his mother or master.
  • Small enough to hide inside a pouch.
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