Fetlock is the name given to the vast amount of suburb surrounding Manehatten.


During the War:

Fetlock was home to Trixie untill she left to go and work for the MAS at Maripony.

After the War:

Stable 29 is located within Fetlock. The entrance was hidden was underneath a passenger wagon, which Calamity later fixed up and used as transportation. Stable 29 became home to Applejack's Rangers.

Traders often use Fetlock as a place to camp and set up shop although it is home to many dangerous creatures including radroches and manticores.


Sometime after the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, Applejack's Rangers erected 4 additional graves alongside Elder Steelhooves. One of these graves was for Paladin Strawberry Lemonade. The other three names are not mentioned.


Fetlock is described as being a suburb outside of the city of Manehatten, 

Notable Location within Fetlock

Trixies Cottage

The old home of Trixie, she left a message nailed to the door that Littlepip later collected. A pony merchant and his Owl-bot guardian were selling their wares here. The milkpony had left milk at her door but she never collected it.

Stable 29

Stable 29 was located in Fetlock. The stable was hidden beneath a ponyhole cover, which the Sky Bandit was parked over.

SteelHooves Shack

A shack where SteelHooves lived, prior to joining Littlepip. He kept a statuette of Applejack inside.

Notable Ponies

  1. Trixie used to live in Fetlock until she joined the MAS and went to Maripony.
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