A floater is a plant-like mutant, encountered by Littlepip in Splendid Valley on her way to Old Olneigh. It is a form of mutated plant with a huge head, surrounded by sacs of gas. In the story Floaters propelled themselves by using the gas sacs to move. They also have a long stalk which reaches to the ground and drags behind it, and a sphincter like orifice from which it can launch a spore-filled attack.

The plant's attacks burned Littlepip's armor when it touched her. The gooey spit was noted as have a horrid, choking stink. The gas within the floater's sacs is flammable, as the sacs were seen igniting and rupturing. Littlepip used the flammable weakness of the plants to set several on fire, which eventually led to an explosive chain reaction.


  • They appear to be an animal/plant hybrid.
  • They float using gas sacs, filled with flammable gases which will explode when ignited.
  • They appear to be based of the Floaters from Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.
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