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Fluffykins was a female Hellhound that was captured by the Enclave. The old hellhound was subjected to numerous experiments that helped the enclave refine their ultra sonic technology, allowing them to control Hellhounds.



Fluffykins is a highly respected hellhound amongst her kind. She garnered a fearsome reputation and gained the title "The Warclaw" likely due to the fierceness she displayed in combat. She was captured at some point by the enclave when they began their experiments into ultra sonic soundwave technology and its use in controlling hellhounds.

Fluffykins was kept as a test subject for an unspecified amount of time, until the Enclave had perfected the Ultra-sonic technology and used it to control captured hellhounds.

Modern Day

Fluffykins was kept aboard one of the thunderhead cloudships which Littlepip infiltrated with Calamity. The Albino Hellhound had asked Littlepip to rescue Fluffykins, cautioning her that she would likely attack any pony on sight, given her cruel treatment at the hooves of the Enclave.

Fluffykins was scheduled for termination, the Grand Pegasus Enclave having no further use for her. Littlepip delivered some tools to her cage, which Fluffykins would use to escape and seek vengeance against the Enclave. Her fate afterwards is unknown, she may have survived the crash of the thunderhead cloudship or perished.