Race Pegasus
Sex Female
Family Fluster - Sister
Status Alive

Flurry is a Paragon, the only known member not from Stable 87 and one of the few Pegasus in Hornsmith. She is the twin sister of Fluster.



Flurry and her twin sister Fluster grew up in the wasteland. Flurry tortured her sister physically, scarring her heavily. At some point, she also killed their father.

Fluster escaped from Flurry, and Flurry eventually somehow met up with Hate and became a Paragon. It is unknown how she came to this position, as every other Paragon had been a resident of Stable 87, and had known each other for their entire lives.


Flurry jointly led a raider army to Orchard along with Holepunch to locate a cache of war era P27 robots. She engages Ashred in combat, using her high speed and agility to slowly cut the griffin to ribbons. When Holepunch was killed by Ripple and Fluster, the two came to Ash's aid.

This was the first time Flurry had seen her sister in an unknown number of years, and her twin shouting her name caused her to pause in her attack. For Flurry, this was a joyous reunion, and she immediately took to humiliating and terrifying her sister. Attacking Ripple and Ash briefly, she took Fluster as a shield as she figured out that Holepunch had died.

She bartered a deal with Ripple, where she would lead the army away from Orchard. In return, Ripple would take care of her sister, selfishly only wanting to hurt Fluster herself.

Flurry then left the scene, and made good on her word to have the army clear out of Orchard.



Flurry is identical to Fluster, if only slightly darker in coat color. Unlike Fluster, Flurry is unscarred. She has an eye patch over her right eye, while her left is grey. She has assorted blades attached to her legs.


Flurry is a sadist, clearly taking pleasure from causing pain. She murdered her father and tortured her sister, who still holds a special place in her heart. She is uncaring for others, showing signs of being extremely narcissistic.

Her treatment of her sister, aside from the physical torture, appears to border on incestuous.


Flurry is a talented and speedy flier, capable of quick maneuvers and changes in speed. She was able to weave in and out of rows of disabled robots at high speed, attacking silently and with perfect accuracy, using this method to slowly shred her victims and cause them to bleed out.

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