Sagittarius and rose commission by sirhcx-d72wz2z

Sage Evergreen protecting her sister, Rose with a blue fire spell. As their pet Fyrebird, Fyrefly, flies overhead. Art by sirhcx

Liberation is the second story of the New Age trilogy. In Liberation a team of ponies from the nation of Prancem must travel the changed Equestrian wasteland in order to find a bomb that was to be given to them by Equestria centuries ago.


What starts out as a ordinary mission for the Prancem Enforcers E-Team. Turns into an all out war against their leader, President Iceblood.


Sage Evergreen: A unicorn mare. Sage is secretly rebellious, and hides that side of her when she is on duty as a Enforcer. Her biological father was killed in a lab accident when she was only a filly. Since then her mother re-married her father's twin brother. Sage is very protective of her little sister Rose. She manages to get on board with the E-Team to protect rose.

Rose Evergreen: Rose is the younger sister of Sage. She is drafted by the Enforcers, despite Sage volunteering to prevent Rose from being drafted. Her speciality is field medicine. Which she learned alongside her pegasus friend Herbal Medicine.

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