Forty Nails
Race Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Slavers
Status Alive
Forty Nails was a unicorn slaver, operating along Route 52.


Present Day

Forty Nails was sent to capture Puppysmiles by his leader. He failed to properly enslave Puppsmiles as her suit's dome helmet prevented him from putting on a slave collar. He lost patience with Puppysmiles and attempted to hurt her, failing miserably. Forty panicked and shot Puppysmiles who was unaffected, causing him to panic. His leader attacked him for trying to kill a potential slave, causing Forty to fire upon his fellow slavers in blind panic. Forty was critically wounded and bleeding out. He prepared to kill the slaves by detonating their collars, but Puppysmiles snatched away the detonator. He reflected that Puppysmiles was a lot scarier than he could have ever imagined before dying.



Forty Nails is a green unicorn stallion.


Forty Nails has a short temper, and a malicious streak. He was unaffected at the idea of beating or killing Puppysmiles and was petty enough to try and kill the slaves he had captured, rather than die alone.
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