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Four Stars was the largest public transportation company in Manehattan. An elevated monorail system ran throughout much of the city, branching off into either the Luna Line or the Celestia Line. Their headquarters was located at the Four Stars Grand Terminal and Central Offices.

Unique to a civilian company, Four Stars issued military firearms to each of its employees that worked at the Four Stars headquarters. They also had extensive contingency plans in place for a hypothetical government raid or megaspell event. Verbiage in the Evacuation Policy, Executive Version hinted that Four Stars expected the Zebras to win the war and occupy Equestria.

A sort of mini-stable was built beneath Four Stars, designed to last for approximately twelve weeks. It also included a small armory and firing range. Unfortunately the standard of quality did not match that of Stable-Tec stables, and those that managed to escape into it were turned to zombies before dying. Oddly, the inhabitants of this stable were mostly zebra, though about a dozen ponies were present. This mini-stable is thought to be a staging area for zebra operatives within Manehattan, who would have been the ones to smuggle in the balefire bomb.

The remains of a dozen Steel Rangers found at Four Stars indicate that the Ministry of Morale raid had been attempted before the Manehattan detonation. Paired with the final recording of Pinkie Pie, it seems that the detonation in Maripony preceded the detonation in Manehattan by at least several minutes, as the Steel Rangers would have had enough time to make their assault.


  • In zebra mythology, the stars are malevolent beings who make subtle moves to harm the inhabitants of the world. In particular, there are four stars who, according to Homage, "yearn to taste our pain and destruction, wrought by our own hooves." Four Stars, the company, helped the zebras infiltrate Manehattan and subsequently destroy it.
  • The Four Stars company building is based off of the L.O.B. Enterprises building in Fallout 3, L.O.B. Enterprises was secretly a Chinese-operated corporation seeking to develop new weaponry and issued low-grade firearms to their employees to avoid drawing the attention of the United States Government. L.O.B. was also commissioned on creating an incendiary firearm of their nationality, but only managed to make one prototype before the place was stormed by U.S. Armed Forces merely hours prior to the Great War.