Fraya is a female Griffin and a member of Red Eye's Talons. She led a group of talons when Hate requested a meeting with one of Red Eye's representatives.



Not much is know of her background, other than she grew up amongst other Talons, which eventually lead to her working for Red Eye. She was raised alongside her two brothers, Ashred and Cutter. Her family had a close bond when they were younger, but grew apart when they were older. When her two brothers defected and left Red Eye's employment, the other Talons put a bounty on their head.

Present Day

Fraya arrived in Neighwhere as a representative of Red Eye. She was present in the city's arena, there to watch Hate show off a griffin warrior. Fraya watched the griffin Cutter easily kill his opponents, and informed Hate that she wasn't interested in recruiting Cutter as a Talon, but that she would pay Hate the bounty on the griffin's head.

She fought off the Steel Rangers when they attack Neighwhere and managed a fighting retreat, losing the rest of her squad. She tracked down Cutter, now accompanied by Ripple and his two companions, Fluster and Ivory. A brutal battle ensues between Cutter and Fraya, Fraya using a sword against the wounded griffin. Cutter managed to gain an edge in battle and disarmed Fraya. Before Fraya could counter-attack, she was impaled by her own sword. It was later revealed that Fraya is Ashred and Cutter's sister.



Fraya is smaller in size than her brothers, though she shares many features with Ashred. She has black feathers and black fur, though lavender feathers rim her eyes. It is unknown if this is natural, or a cosmetic feature.


Fraya seems to have a lot of hate for Cutter and Ashred due to their desertion. She also desires to keep any prestige and power she has earned in Red Eye's service, and was worried about losing her position due to the loss of both Neighwhere and the slave shipment that Ripple and his friends released.


Fraya is a quick and powerful melee fighter, who specializes in using weapons, such as swords. She was capable of fighting a larger and more muscular griffin like Cutter, even dissuading Ripple from joining the fight with a single slash. She seems to have been a capable flier.


Fraya wears the black combat armor symbolic of Talons. Slung across her back is a long sword, which she wields skillfully in combat. Hidden on her also is at least one dagger beneath her wings. She has never been seen with a gun.

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