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Friendship City's PipBuck faction rep icon.
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Friendship City is a large settlement situated in the Statue of Friendship off the coast of mainland Manehattan.


Friendship City is one of the largest and safest settlements within the Equestrian Wasteland. The city is built inside the massive pre-war monument, the Statue of Friendship, which depicts a pony, holding up a flaming torch. The Friendship Bridge extends out from the Manehattan harbor to Friendship City. Collapsed sections of the bridge have been replaced with rope bridges, and access to Friendship city requires part of the bridge to be extended so ponies on land may enter the town.

The settlement is governed by a council that oversees the management of the large settlement.


Before the War[]

Friendship city was originally just a monument that was visited by tourists. Applejack passed the statue as a filly, during her first trip to Manehattan to live and stay with the Apple Family's close relatives, the Oranges.

Present Day[]

Littlepip first arrives at the settlement, bringing the former Steel Ranger elder, Cottage Cheese and the surviving foals of Arbu and the settlement's only surviving adult, Grandpa Rattle.

Due to the slaughter at Arbu, the ponies of Friendship City believed Littlepip to be hostile and denied her entry. Friendship City does take in the foals and two elderly stallions, at Littlepip's insistence and lets them live in their community. Littlepip returns at a later date where she meets the elderly Dashite, Radar. Littlepip also uncovers the traitor, Raspberry Tart, an obese Earth pony mare that planned to let the Enclave enter unopposed.

Friendship City tried to fight against the Enclave's superior technology and equipment, refusing to surrender one of their own citizens i.e, Radar. The settlement was heavily damaged by the Enclave during their long-term military operation, Operation Cauterize.

In Other Stories[]

Best Laid Plans[]

Doc Romeo, Wires and Scorch are all living in Friendship City before being cast out into the wasteland to perform two tasks for the city, ergo avoid punishment for several misdeeds the trio have committed during their stay in the settlement.

Notable Residents[]


Notes & Trivia[]

  • The Statue of Friendship is based on the Statue of Liberty
  • Friendship City is based on Rivet City, a settlement from Fallout 3
  • Littlepip indirectly caused a foal to be killed by Enclave fire; the guilt would stay with her for life even though her companions knew it was not her fault