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"Gilda" Is a canonical character to the show. See Gilda for more details.
Gilda in "Griffon the Brush Off"
Race Griffon
Faction/Role Unknown Employer

Gilda is a minor pre-war character in Fallout: Equestria.



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Gilda was a close childhood friend of Rainbow Dash during her youth, having been a co-member of the Junior Speedsters with her in flight school. Rainbow Dash would occasionally ask to perform the Junior Speedster's chant with her even years later, which Gilda seemed to find embarrassing but was willing to do it for her friend. The two would later separate, but would be reunited temporarily in Rainbow Dash's young adulthood, only to fall further apart after Gilda mistreats Rainbow Dash's other friends.

During the War[]

Gilda's activities during the war are unknown, though it is known that sometime during this time, she became a mercenary. It is also unknown whether she kept in touch with Rainbow Dash, who had by this time become the director of the Ministry of Awesome.


Soon after the end of the Great War, Gilda was hired by the remnants of the pegasus government to hunt down and assassinate Rainbow Dash, who had abandoned the pegasi during their secession from Equestria. Prior to the fight, the two recited the Junior Speedsters Chant for old time's sake at Rainbow Dash's request. While the overall outcome of the fight is lost to time, it is known that Rainbow Dash escaped and returned to the Ministry of Awesome in order to prepare the final Ministry Mare's memory orbs at Pinkie Pie's request.

Gilda's ultimate fate remains unknown, as is the location of her remains; it is likely that Rainbow Dash either slew Gilda, escaped without killing Gilda, or defeated Gilda and spared her.

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Gilda is known to be aggressive and arrogant, making sure that everypony knows that she is the "coolest."


She was a capable mercenary, believed to be one of the best. She likely developed numerous skills in handling weapons throughout her mercenary life. Also as she is a griffin she can naturally fly.


  • Worked as a mercenary during the war.
  • Was hired by the Enclave to bring them Rainbow Dash's head, evidently failed.
  • The weapon Little Gilda is named after her