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Gizmo by Geekladd
~ DAfavicon.png GeekLadd
Race Earth Pony - Cyberpony
Sex male
Faction/Role Raspberry Tart - Employer
Status Alive

Gizmo was a cyberpony found living in Friendship City.



Exactly how Gizmo came to be in Friendship City is unknown, Littlepip suspected he was a former resident of Stable 101 who escaped before Red Eye killed all the resident stable dwellers. It is possible he escaped Stable 101 and Red Eye to maintain his freedom.

Present Day

He worked as a silent bouncer/bodyguard/employee for Raspberry Tart. Gizmo is encountered when Littlepip is sent to spy and interrogate, Raspberry Tart. Raspberry Tart orders gizmo to throw Littlepip out of a window, but decides to just have him kill or dismember her. Littlepip fights Gizmo, though she is outclassed by the cyberpony in close combat.

Gizmo manages to pin Littlepip down and prepares to kill her, but is instead killed by Littlepip who manages to kill the cyberpony by stabbing him in the ear with a screwdriver.



Gizmo was heavily scarred from all the surgery done on him. His body was covered in Cybernetics, and he had a pair of cybernetic wings, attached to his side. The Wings had sharp blades in places of feathers.

Skills and Abilities

Gizmo was a skilled melee combatant, using his bladed cyberwings as weapons. He didn't seem to be able to fly, but he could use his wings to glide. He was also strong, like other earth ponies.

Behind the Scenes

Gizmo's name is a reference to Gizmo of Fallout, while his role as a bodyguard is a reference to Izo, Gizmo's bodyguard in Fallout