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I looked down the hill at the rows of sad, dilapidated shacks with their sunken roofing leading up to a half-collapsed building in a yard of junk. The whole town was surrounded by a wall of scrap that couldn't keep a radhog out. The ground was dark and lifeless mud. The hoof-full of zebras looked battered and dejected, their eyes downcast, their heads low, their manes and tails tangled and unkempt.
– Littlepip
her observation of Glyphmark when she first arrived.

Glyphmark is a Zebra town, home of Xenith's child Xephyr and the rest of her surviving tribe.



After a tribe of zebra was attacked by Slavers, the tribe's adult population was taken, the children weren't enslaved as they were too young to be of any real use. The remaining children founded the settlement of Glyphmark. The town itself is constructed around the veterinary medicine building, the Angel Bunny Pharmaceuticals building near Canterlot.

In order to protect themselves from unwanted slaver attention, all zebra of adult age are banished from the tribe. Banishment occurs soon after receiving one's glyph mark. The town's population has been slowly declining since it's founding as no new children have joined to replace those that were forced to leave.

Due to the settlement's proximity to Canterlot, and thus the Pink Cloud, the ground is incapable of supporting crops. Most food is scavenged from the interior of the Veterinary building and the various vending machines scattered around. No caravans venture so close to Canterlot, so trade is non-existent. At the time of Littlepip's arrival, almost no food remains.

The town's children were armed with spears and small, badly maintained pistols. Because of their condition, they offer no resistance to any adult who they meet. They have been attacked by alicorns and (presumably) bandits since the town's creation.

Present Day[]

Littlepip and company gather weaponry for the children and trained them to use it. They also taught them to create Dash to be used in trade for food, convincing Ditzy Doo to add Glyphmark to her trade route, in order to help the children support themselves. Xenith stays briefly to teach the zebra children how to make medicine and use their new weaponry.

The small tribe of zebra later named themselves after Angel Bunny, much to Xenith's shock, given how fearful a figure, Angel Bunny has become to the modern day Zebra.


  • Glyphmark is a reference to Little Lamplight, a settlement in Fallout 3, populated entirely by children who evict the children, now considered adults when they reach a certain age.
  • Fallout Equestria points out the flaws of a settlement entirely run by children i.e, the town has no way to repopulate.
  • A Glyph is the Zebra equivalent of a Cutie mark.
  • Qarl Death-Hoof, who is Xenith's husband was also leader of the tribe initially. He was killed by Stern, but Xephyr felt no sorrow for him as he ill-treated Xenith.