Grim Gallop
Full Name Grim Gallop
Title General
Race Pegasus
Sex Male
Faction/Role Enclave
Status Alive
Grim Gallop is a General of the Enclave and the second highest ranking officer in their military. He is an antagonist in Fallout: Equestria - Resistance.

History Edit

Background Edit

Grim Gallop is a pegasus born to the elite of Neighvarro in the Enclave. Having served in the military all his life, he built a reputation as a ruthless commander and one completely loyal to the Enclave itself.

As he rose through the ranks, he was eventually granted the rank of Generals and made the second in command to High General Death Scythe herself, the de-facto leader of the Enclave. As part of his new position, he was also made governor of New Appleoosa and tasked with rooting out Silver Bell's resistance cell.

Present Day Edit

Littlepip first heard Grim Gallop give a speech over the Enclave's local radio channels. He praises the Enclave and demonises the Resistance, expresses his belief that the Hades Tanks spell the end of the Resistance and will secure Enclave dominance across the world.

As he is the governor of New Appleoosa, he will be their direct contender in any attempt to take the city. After Littlepip destroyed the Hades tank factory, Grim Gallop realised the saboteur had come from the New Appleoosa Resistance, so he sent Rope Gallows out to try and find the ones responsible and kill them.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

He is a ruthless tactician and is second only to his superior, High General Death Scythe. He displays fanatical loyalty to the Enclave and extreme hatred for anything beyond his 'reich'. He has been tasked with hunting down the Resistance, a task he takes great pleasure in undertaking.

He is arrogant and overconfident, however, believing the Hades Tanks will spell doom for the Resistance even before they have actually been finished and deployed. He doesn't think much of the Resistance's ability to counter-attack, something he and Death Scythe may very well disagree on.

Skills Edit

He is a ruthless commander and skilled battlefield tactician, having clawed his way through the ranks to be the second highest ranked soldier in the entire Enclave military.

Equipment Edit

A suit of X-02 power armour.

Relationships Edit

Death Scythe - Death Scythe is the only soldier holding a higher rank than Grim Gallop, and is one to whom he is deathly loyal. He believes in her cause, and he will follow her to Tartarus and back to see it to completion.

Rope Gallows - Grim Gallop seems to despise the SG Colonel. Mostly because she remains a raider at heart over a true Enclave officer, and due to the fact that she is also vying to be Death Scythe's new favourite over the stallion.