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Just warms the heart to know that there are ponies steadfastly defending prejudice and bigotry, doesn’t it? Thank you, Chief Grim Star and may Celestia bless you with a kiss from the sun.

Chief Grim Star was the security chief for Tenpony Tower.


Chief Grim Star was first mentioned by DJ Pon3 as having hired Blackwing and her talons to dispose of a group of ghouls, led by Sheriff Rotting Tail, seeking entrance into Tenpony Tower. He paid Blackwing upon her return to the tower and was mentioned on DJ Pon3's radio broadcast as failing to distinguish between regular and feral ghouls. Blackwing whilst talking with Steelhooves informs the group that Rotting Tail seemed to be going zombie/feral and he and his goons were planning a hostile takeover. The rest of Rotting Tails followers seemed peaceful but attacked when the Talons killed Rotting Tail, forcing them to wipe out the whole group.

Blackwing mentions a nearby building that had tunnels behind a door that could let feral ghouls swarm Tenpony Tower and the surrounding area. She failed to inform Grim Star, not wanting to provoke his bigotry further. Steelhooves upon hearing about the door asks for the location of the building.

Littlepip suspicious and paranoid about Steelhooves, asks Calamity about Steelhooves location. Calamity informs her that Steelhooves was last seen speaking with Grim Star. Littlepip believing he might want to let the feral ghouls swarm Tenpony, tracks Steelhooves to the basement where he has just finished sealing the door. Confused and a little disappointed by Littlepip, he leaves only for Chief Grim Star to start banging on the sealed door, half of his face ripped off.

Later, Steelhooves has an interview with DJ Pon3, explaining that Chief Grim Star gave his life defending Tenpony tower by distracting the ghouls and giving Steelhooves time to seal the door, ensuring Tenpony's future safety, a message on Grim Star's terminal seemed to convince the constabulary of Tenpony and satisfy everyone else. Only Littlepip knew that Steelhooves had murdered Grim Star.


  • He had a hatred/fear of ghouls in all forms
  • Was ironically enough killed by ghouls
  • Possibly planning a coup to take over Tenpony Tower
  • Was generally unlikeable
  • Is a clear reference to Security Chief Gustavo the security chief of Tenpenny Tower