Title Paladin Gunmetal
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Steel Rangers - Buckston Loyalists
Status Alive
Gunmetal is a Steel Ranger Paladin, responsible for training the Steel Ranger initiates.



Paladin Gunmetal was one of the minority in the Buckston contingent of Steel Rangers who followed Elder Clam Chowder, when he left the rest of the Steel Rangers. Gunmetal set up a training course for his initiates and continued to function as a drill instructor.

Present Day

Gunmetal requested Mach's assistance with inspiring his initiates to train harder, having reached a roadblock in motivating them. Mach managed to complete Gunmetal's obstacle course quickly, inspiring the initiates to train harder and do better than Mach. Gunmetal would continue to be indebted to Mach, offering him gifts and assisting in fighting off the Ice Dragon that followed Mach back to the Ranger's base.

When Greaser built Mach a suit of power armor from three damaged suits, Mach was trained in using the power armor by Gunmetal. Gunmetal's training allowed mach to adjust and use the armor fairly quickly, his encouragement allowing the recently healed Mach to fly in his new armor.



Gunmetal is a strict drill instructor who is very friendly and amiable with those who have helped him or share similar rank. He often refers to his initiates as maggots, able to rile them up with stirring motivational speeches. 


Gunmetal is an excellent teacher, able to bring out the best in his students. He is experienced in training recruits and motivating them, as well as training ponies in the use of power armor.


He appears to be based off of Paladin Gunny from Fallout 3.

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