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Harbinger was a pegasus pony and one of the members of the Grand Pegasus Enclave's High Council.



Harbinger was a member of the Enclave High Council, the Enclave's governing body. Harbinger authorized an Enclave science team to descend to the wasteland and begin research in Old Olneigh, to try and use Sonic laced magic to control the Hellhounds. The science team were all slaughtered by the aggressive Hellhounds.

Present Day

Harbinger arrived at Maripony at roughly the same time as Littlepip, just after Littlepip had her confrontation with The Goddess. Harbinger arrived on behalf of the Enclave in hopes of establishing negotiations with the Goddess and forming an alliance. The alliance would have involved the Alicorns ruling over Equestria's lands whilst the Enclave stayed above the Cloud cover

Harbinger never managed to strike a deal as The Goddess was focused on getting as many alicorns as possible, away from Maripony, before the Balefire Bomb Littlepip's companions smuggled in below Maripony detonated. Harbinger was killed in the explosion, unable to escape as The Goddess had erected a powerful shield around all of Maripony.

Harbinger's death, brought the Enclave to Equestria's surface. The High council using him as a rallying point and martyr to launch a massive military operation, Operation Cauterize.

Appearances in Other Stories

Project Horizons

Harbinger is first seen meeting with the representatives of the Thunderhead Enclave, particulalry about certain activities including the actions of Operative Lighthooves. He is later seen in communication with The Goddess, prior to his arrival at Maripony. The Goddess herself arranging the meeting, using Harbinger's lust for power to draw him and the Enclave into an alliance with her.



Harbinger is a stately, dusk coated Pegasus. He wore grey military barding.


Harbinger appears to be an experienced politician, as Littlepip notes. He was also willing to make an alliance with the Goddess, which would have doomed the Equestrian Wasteland.


Harbinger is a talented politican able to rise to the highest echeleons in the Enclave's chain of command.


  • Harbinger's Birthday is the 01.04, revealed in Chapter 31. It was the password for a cloud terminal in Old Olneigh