Race Pegasus Ghoul
Sex Mare
Status Alive - Ghoul
  Dead Ch.76

Harpica is a pre-war Ghoul found living in the old Blueblood Manor by Blackjack. She was the caretaker of the manor's foals and looked after them in the final day, following master Vanity's final request to the letter. She waited inside the manor, along with the foals for someone to come and get them.


Harpica was tasked by Master Vanity, with looking after the foals within Blueblood manor. She was told to lock herself in a room, with the foals and protect them. Harpica continued to look after the foals, even after she and the foals became ghouls. She met Blackjack and her friends when they arrived in Blueblood manor seeking shelter. Haprica and the foals were amongst the few sentient Ghouls left within Blueblood Manor, along with a delusional chef who was trying to prepare and cook Glory in a broken oven and Prince Blueblood whose two hundred year old obsession with Rarity kept him from growing feral but not insane.

Haprica left Blueblood Manor, along with the Ghoul Foals after Blackjack killed Blueblood and was brought to Chapel where she continued to stay along with the Crusaders. She and the Ghoul Foals survived Sanguine and Vermilion's assault of Chapel.

During the Legate's Brood's siege of Chapel, the Crusaders quickly found themselves out numbered and unable to fight the incoming numbers of enemies, and were unable to decide how to continue their fight. After seeing the incoming threat to the children, Harpica flew herself over the advancing Brood to distract them while the foals and survivors fell back to the Chapel itself. Though she was not shot down right away, she was eventually taken apart by the Brood's weapons, and very most likely died in her attempt to give the fighters time.

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