Holepunch is a Paragon and a former dweller of Stable 87. He was part of the siege force assaulting Orchard.



Holepunch, originally called Raspberry, was a pony who grew up in Stable 87 alongside Ripple and the other Paragons. Holepunch was exceptionally talented when it came to technology, and was the pony who opened Stable 87's door after Sweeps and another mare cleared the way.

Present Day

Holepunch was encountered at Orchard alongside Flurry . He was trying to reactivate an old army of robots that were to be deployed on the frontlines during the war, but had sat in a warehouse since the Balefire dropped. Holepunch wore an extensive apparatus that he controlled with ease, which consisted of long, spider-like limbs with numerous tools and weapons attached, including a power-fist and a nail gun. Ripple fought Holepunch one on one, though he managed to wear down Ripple until he was vulnerable.

Ripple was saved by Fluster who had been hiding at the time. She leapt out of hiding and got on his back, where his apparatus's arms couldn't reach. She managed to chew through the control wires Holepunch used for his apparatus which deactivated them and lowered him within range of Ripple's ballistic hooves, allowing for a killing blow to Holepunch's chest.



Holepunch is exceptionally skilled with technology, and is highly skilled with various tools. He is capable of operating a multi-limbed apparatus with ease and has some skill with robotics given he was sent to awaken a deactivated robot army.


Holepunch wears a harness/apparatus that has numerous spiderlike limbs with weapons and tools attached to them, including a blowtorch, power-fist & a nailgun.

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