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Hoppers are large carnivorous frogs found in the Hoofington area, particularly living in the rivers or swamps. A hopper can grow to be even bigger than an average pony, they use their long, sticky tongue to latch onto prey and drag them into their waiting maws.

Hoppers primarily feed on the giant leeches found in their damp or watery homes, but will attempt to snack on other creatures that enter their homes, including ponies. They have also been shown as being cannibalistic as two small hoppers ate a much larger one that P-21 had blown up Blackjack telling them to enjoy their meal and the Hoppers actually thanked them for the meal, causing Blackjack to run away.

Most Hoppers seen in the story are merely predatory frogs, whilst two were shown as capable of speech, possibly a mutation or victims of poison joke.


Hoppers have been shown as having regenerative abilities, as a large hopper regrew its severed tongue. Their tongues are long and powerful enough to pull a pony into their mouths. They can grow large enough to eat ponies whole.

Their mouths are full of powerful acids, as observed by Blackjack as the large hopper chasing her had snacked on some leeches that dissolved fairly quickly. Explosives have proven effective against larger adults, whilst bullets are effective against smaller ones.

They are cannibalistic and will eat each other if other sources of food aren't available. Two smaller ones devoured the remains of a larger one, blown apart by P-21. They prefer or need damp environments like swamps and rivers.

The meat of Hoppers is sold by butchers alongside Radigator meat, in certain parts of the Hoof, like Flotsam.


They are found in high numbers along rivers, sitting on abandoned boats and bits of wood.

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