Hornsmith is a region within Equestria. The area and the city sharing its name are often referred to as one and the same, even though there are different settlements contained within. Before the war it contained a dominantly unicorn population, and served several of the Ministries with research and storage. An extensive underground network contains both dangers and treasures unknown.

Notable Settlements and Locations

Blank - Blank is a well defended settlement of ponies who survived by trading with travelling merchants. The Settlement was protected by high walls and guardsponies. Blank was destroyed by the Paragons, the survivors eventually leaving to form a new settlement.

Underhoof - A ghoul settlement, hidden beneath Hornsmith in the underground sewers/tunnel systems. They are a self-contained, self-sufficent town that thrives of salvaging and scavenging in the tunnel networks under Hornsmith. Underhoof establishes relations with the settlement of 'Hoof' that was built above Underhoof, the two settlements working together to improve their lives.

The Stadium - The stadium is a settlement, conquered by the Paragons. Beneath the Stadium, are tunnels that connect to the rest of the Hornsmith underground network. The stadium is used by the paragons as a recruiting ground for their raider/slaver army and for salvage operations under Hornsmith.

Orchard - Orchard is a settlement controlled by the Hornsmith contingent of Steel Rangers. Orchard houses a large number of giant robots and other robotic war machines. Orchard was besieged by the Paragons, but the Paragons left after Flurry withdrew their forces, after Holepunch's death.

Neighwhere - The Paragons base of operations. Neighwhere is home to the raider/slaver armies of the Paragons and is used as a trading hub for slaves. Neighwhere is a brutal settlement, where gladitorial games are held for the entertainment of its population.

Stable 87 - Stable 87 is the birth place of the paragons. The stable ponies joined the ponies of Neighwhere when they first emerged from the stable. Besides housing advanced Stable-tec technology, Stable 87 contained an elevator, leading up to the peaks of the Maremack mountains.

Maremack Facility - A war-era facility that sits atop the Maremack Mountains. the preserved body of Pandemonium rests inside this facility. This facility contained pre-war technology and was used by Hate, Epiphnay and Flurry as their base of operations, after losing Neighwhere. 

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