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A Hospital Horror is a creature in Fallout: Equestria.


The hospital horrors were encountered by Littlepip and Xenith in a seemingly abandoned hospital which the Hellhounds stayed away from.

Initially only seeing their numerous red signals on her PipBuck, Littlepip presumed they were radroaches given how many of them were lingering within the hospital. She was caught unprepared when abruptly confronted by one, and nearly fell victim to it.

A Hospital Horror was described by Littlepip to look like a melting once-pony monstrosity with most of its fur gone, with bits of flesh that was bloated and gassy, eyes which are huge and red, and a mass of tentacles hanging out of its maw which writhed constantly. Their bodies emit a sickening gas whenever pierced or shot. They are relatively easy to kill and sneak up on, but they possess some form of paralyzing ability which they used on Xenith and Littlepip. Staring at the monsters face will cause paralysis, requiring another pony to help break the victim free. It is unknown if the Hospital Horrors could affect more than one creature at a time.

The first one which Littlepip encountered managed to subdue her, then brought her crotch to face its head. When Littlepip realized the creature did not intend to kill her, but wanted to do something else, her fury and panic allowed her to break free and kill it.

Littlepip later found several pony mare skeletons with cracked pelvis bones, and she came to the conclusion they were killed not by the horror which invaded their bodies, but the horror which had come out instead. This implies that the creatures forcefully implant eggs/young into a mare's womb, which once developed, would eventually burst out of their host violently and fatally.

The first hospital horror was a mare named Peachy Pie who was mutated by an accident involving taint before the war. It was hinted at that she had been pregnant during the mutation, and this was the source of the other horrors. Nonetheless, many of the monsters were killed by Littlepip and Xenith as they scoured the hospital for healing equipment. The Old Olneigh hospital was collapsed by the local Hellhounds, possibly wiping out the abominations or killing most of them.


  • These creatures have only been referenced in the story once, far later than the chapter they appeared in.
  • Due to their nature, Hospital Horrors are classed as abominations, like the Stable 24 Chimera and Floaters.
  • The Horrors appear to be based off of Centaurs from the Fallout series, while their reproductive ability is reminiscent of a Xenomorph from Ridley Scott's Alien franchise.

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