The Invisibility Cloak is a piece of technology developed by the Zebra Empire, before the war with equestria.


The cloaks were used by Zebra commandos before and during the great war. A zebra stealth suit was recovered in a Ministry of Image hub by Littlepip and Velvet Remedy and was probably designed using identical technology.

The Equestrian government developed ways to detect cloaked zebra, evidenced by Rarity who incapacitated a would be assassin, who was hidden and waiting to kill her. The Equestrians partially reverse-engineered the technology and created StealthBucks.

Trixie managed to crack the method and develop an invisibility spell all on her own. Equestria never got the chance to utilize it though as the bombs fell when Trixie revealed her discovery to Twilight. The Alicorns that would rise from Unity years later would possess the ability to hide themselves using the spell.

Appearances in Other Stories

Project Horizons

Twilight Sparkle had also been developing a proper Stealth Suit during the War. Goldenblood encouraged her to pursue the technology and to forget making Artifical Alicorns. It was likely reverse engineered from Zebra Invisibility cloaks.

Shadow Spider silk is used to make modern Invisibility Cloaks by the Zebra Remnants. The Cloaks dissolve and become unusable after their owners die to prevent enemy forces from claiming them. The Remnant are currently the only faction shown, using and making stealth technology, like the cloaks.

Known owners

  • The Zebra Commandos who attacked Littlehorn used these cloaks
  • A zebra assassin targeting Rarity was wearing one. He/She was detected and captured
  • The Albino Hellhound that Littlepip and her friends meet was wearing one. They borrow his cloak for awhile and return it to him.
  • The Zebra Remnant Lancer wears one of these.
  • The Zebra Remnant, technician. Xanthe also owns an invisibility cloak.
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