Ironshod Firearms is a weapon development and manufacturing company, with a facility in the town of Hope. Their motto is "How do you like them apples?".

A recording found at the Ponyville factory hints that Ironshod is run by the extended Apple family. Ironshod Firearms was commissioned by Applejack to create Little Macintosh for her in memory of her deceased brother, and was made as a more powerful variant of the Scoped .44 Revolver. Ironshod also used vending machines to distribute ammo, specifically Ironshod's Ammo Emporium machines.

Production-Line Weapons

IF-9 Combat Shotgun  - A combat shotgun found by Littlepip and later used by Velvet Remedy

IF-18 "Horseshoe" - Revolver, .44 Magnum. The base frame for the unique weapon Li'l Macintosh.

IF-21 "Caramel" - Semi-Automatic Pistol, 10mm. The firing pin of an IF-21 was used to replace the damaged one in Vigilance.

IF-22 (name unknown) - Semi-Automatic Pistol, .357 caliber. Extended magazines available.

IF-33 "Applebuck" - Semi-Automatic, 12.7mm, seven round clip. Project Horizons

IF-38 "Cornhusker" - Police Revolver, .357 Magnum.

IF-44 "Angel Bunny" - Submachinegun, 10mm. Silencers available.

IF-64 "Bloomberg" - Assault Rifle, 5.56mm. Extended magazines available.

IF-80 (name unknown) - Pump Shotgun, 20-gauge.

IF-84 "Stampede" - Riot Shotgun, 12-gauge.

IF-88 "Ironpony" - Combat Shotgun, Experimental. Later revealed that one prototype was in possession of Big Macintosh, and later owned by his descendant Blackjack (who renamed the gun 'Sexy') in Project Horizons. Appears in New Pegas as a double-barrelled 10-gauge shotgun, with an internal ten-round magazine feeding both barrels via pump-action. Very few examples are known to exist, possibly only one or two.

IF-100 "Brown Betty" - Light Howitzer, 120mm. Modified power armor, as well as great personal strength and endurance, are required for this to be pony-portable.

IF-100 "Thunderhoof" - Anti-Materiel Rifle, .50 caliber. Shares an IF designation with the Brown Betty, possibly as an attempt to confuse zebra spies.

NOTE: This list is by no means complete or exhaustive.


  • Given that Ironshod may have been run by the Apple family, it isn't a stretch to think that Ironclad might also have been owned by the Apple family, especially since Braeburn is mentioned in both visited locations, indicating he is a high-ranking executive or even the possible owner.
  • It can be inferred that most of the pre-War weapons in the Wasteland were created by them.
  • They created the unique Scoped .44 Revolver, Little Macintosh.
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