Jackleg is a pony originally from the settlement of Stadium.



When the Stadium was invaded by Raiders under the command of the Paragons, Jackleg was one of the few survivors of the town. She was employed/enslaved by the Paragons and worked in the Stadium ever since.

Present Day

Ripple first met Jackleg as he was being led to the tunnels beneath the Stadium and asked Jackleg for her name, intending to one day apologize for assisting in the destruction of her home town in his old life. Jackleg leads him underground and leaves.

Jackleg is encountered again in Blank after Massacre's assault, being treated as a Raider. Ripple angrily demands her release, explaining that she isn't a Raider, knowing that she had been forced to assist the Raiders. Jackleg tells Ripple that the Raiders and Paragons are bringing the slaves from Blank, to their base/power centre at Neighwere city.


  • Jackleg claims her name is based off a tool.
  • Forced to fight alongside the Raiders at Blank.
  • One of three known survivors of the Paragons assault on the Stadium, alongside Bone Black and Ivory.
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