Homage smiled, a tear in her eye. “…most traps. Some cruel bastard rigged up a baby carriage with explosives, used the corpse of a newborn colt and a recording of a baby’s crying to lure victims in.” I cringed, horrified.

“By the time she was close enough to realize the baby was dead, it was too late to run. She tried to disarm it, but…” The dear unicorn’s voice broke off, choked.

Race Not Specified
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Homage
Family Mother - deceased

Jokeblue is a mentioned-only character in Fallout: Equestria.


Jokeblue is a mare and Homage's former friend and lover. Her name is a reference to the blue leaves of the Killing Joke plant that her mother encountered while pregnant, which left Jokeblue with an undisclosed birth defect which inspired her name. She was killed by a raider trap long before Homage gained entrance to Tenpony Tower and met Littlepip. Jokeblue was mentioned as journeying with Homage and had a random encounter with a crashing sky carriage/space vessel that dropped the incredibly rare Star Blaster that Homage owns. Jokeblue also had an encounter with Doctor Whooves, getting into an argument about the dimensions of his big blue box i.e, the TARDIS.

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