Junction R-7 is a makeshift town and Talon camp built around an old railroad junction. Littlepip encounters Gawd and her Talons here and agrees to help them kill Deadeyes. After the Talons take control of Shattered Hoof Re-education Facility, they still remain in and around the junction.

As a reward, Littlepip is given a home here in the form of her very own boxcar. As time goes on, she sends more and more travelers to Junction R-7 as a safe haven. Homage briefly stays with the Talons here when she is on the run from the Enclave as well. Gawd mentions in Chapter 44 that she has plans to get out of the mercenary game and develop R-7 into a settlement now that it has a Water Talisman and a growing population.

Junction Town

Sometime after Littlepip's connection to the SPP hub, Junction R-7 has blossomed from a mercenary and refugee camp into a respected settlement. The Followers of the Apocalypse have established their headquarters here and several ponies now manage trade caravans from within Junction Town. Fluttershy resides here along with Velvet Remedy, Calamity, Silver Bell, Ditzy Doo, Lionheart and the rest of the Followers.

It is mentioned that Junction Town is also a part of the New Canterlot Republic.

In Other Stories

Junction R-7/Town has made appearances in other stories.


Mach visited Junction R-7 before Littlepip's group arrived, looking for work with Gawdyna Grimfeathers. He recieved information on the Enclave bounty on his head from Gawd and investiagtes Stable 17 for her. He was given the contact information for Krieg Razorbeak from Gawd before departing.

The Last Sentinel

Frost Windchill visits Junction R-7 as it is becoming more populated. He visits the local tavern where he tells the tale of his life, starting forty years ago. The tavern is where Frost tells his tale to an evergrowing audience of local ponies and griffins.

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