The Junkyard Guard Robots are unique robots found within the settlement of Junkyard.


The Junkyard guard robots are custom robots built and maintained by the Junkyard's owner Scraps, an Earth pony mechanic and repair pony who runs a business out of her home, built near the piles of scrap and junk. The robots were built by scraps to defend her and her place of business from potential threats and thieves. The guard robots come in many shapes and sizes and have powerful energy weapons built into them.

The robots follow Scraps's orders to the letter as shown when after they had immobilized Aurora, they stopped attacking on Scraps's orders and carried Aurora into her home.


One of the robots, a spider-crab like robot with multiple legs had two built in energy weapons that fired from two leg-like appendages. Another encountered was a massive robot that was hiding beneath a massive steel plate; the robot had extremely powerful claws which effortlessly broke one of Aurora's legs and lifted her ease. The robots have some form of voice recognition and are capable of following verbal instructions.

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