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Kage Grimfeathers
Full Name Kage Grimfeathers
Race Griffon
Sex Male
Faction/Role Gawd's Talons
Family Gawdyna Grimfeathers - Mother

Regina Grimfeathers- Sister

Status Alive

Kage Grimfeathers is a minor character in Fallout: Equestria.


Kage Grimfeathers is a griffon serving with Gawd's Talons. He meets Littlepip and the gang following the Enclave's attack on New Appleloosa. Kage is Gawd's adolescent son and Reggie's twin brother. It is revealed that he and his sister have met Calamity prior to their joining the team. After Silver Bell's party, Kage and Reggie decide to join up with Littlepip. He is killed by an Enclave pegasus soon after while the gang is trying to gather intel on the Enclave's battle strategy.


Kage is depicted as kinder and more compassionate than his sister. After meeting Silver Bell in New Appleloosa, he gladly purchases several bits of junk off of her simply to keep her happy.


Kage carries several knives made out of Hellhound claws which he uses with great effect. After his death, Reggie takes his knives as a momento and is later confronted by the Albino Hellhound for carrying them.