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Lakeponies are a species of mutated, aquatic ponies, found living in Lake Cider.


Lakeponies are notorious along the settlements close to Lake Cider, for performing raids and killing land ponies. They make their homes underwater and are split into specific subspecies that fulfil certain roles in their society. Lakepony Society revolves around raiding land dwelling pony settlements and bringing back captives who they use to breed and increase their numbers.

Lakeponies are particularly cruel towards their captives, singing a twisted version of the Seapony song, showing their intentions of devouring their captives. They have a group mentality and despise Lakeponies thinking differently from the others as shown when a red maned lakepony tried to convince the others to keep Dead-Shot alive. The other lakeponies swarmed the red maned one, devouring her alive like a school of piranha.

The Lakeponies can be frightened and confused by large boats sailing above them. They are willing to leap out of water and try to attack the crew members on boats, but will retreat if they suffer enough losses.


Lakeponies come in two distinct subspecies. The first are a subservient race that do most of the fighting and manual labour. The other species are the leaders of their species, an all female caste who employ magic to kidnap ponies and bring them underwater, where they then extract semen for fertilizing their eggs, meaning the male subservient species are likely sterile.

Lakeponies are carnivorous creatures, eating their kidnapped victims and other aquatic wildlife. They aren't above cannibalism either as shown with the red maned lakepony.


Besides being able to live and survive underwater, Lakeponies are capable of magic, creating magic bubbles with fresh air, that they use to keep their victims alive. They are also capable of entering feeding frenzies and devouring other creatures in seconds.

Lakeponies are perfectly capable of speaking and understanding the equestrian language.