Land Sharks are a species of predators, notably prevailent along the trail to the village of Karkhoof.


Before the War

Land Sharks were originally Quarry Eels, a species of predatory land eels that lived inside small caves/burrows in canyon walls. A colony of Quarry eels lived in Ghastly Gorge and were part of the obstacle course that Rainbow Dash had set up, to test various animals and see which would be worthy of being her pet.

Modern Day

Quarry Eels mutated into Land Sharks after the megaspell fallout. They are notorious predators that notably plague the road between the rest of Caledonia and the isolated village of Karkhoof. Land Sharks are active during certain hours of the day, making them an avoidable if deadly hazard. A group of these predators attacked the caravan that Hired Gun and her group were travelling with. The come in various sizes, Hired managed to kill the smaller ones, with shotgun blasts.


Land Sharks come in various sizes, from as large as a pony, to behemoths that can easily devour a wagon and its crew. They travel underground with ease and leap out of the ground. They are fierce predators that use their sharp teeth to latch onto their prey and kill them. Their bodies seem to have magically mutated to allow them to swim through earth, much like water, most notably when Hired Gun saw a Land Shark disappear below the ground with ease.

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