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Leo Zodiac
Title Old Leo
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role Zodiac Clan
Status Alive

Leo is a member of the Zodiac Clan, a sniper who used the AER-14 Laser Rifle to engage Blackjack multiple times, in pursuit of her bounty and Pipbuck. He brought down a weakened Blackjack and was prepared to capture her, but he was quickly defeated and chased away by Rampage. Losing his rifle in the process.

Morning Glory claimed his rifle and repaired it. She later met him at the Collegiate's base at the University and guilted him into letting her keep the rifle, ashamed at his earlier attempt to capture Blackjack when she would've been willing to help.



Leo is an orange earth pony, with a red mane and a lion for a cutie mark. He wears a ornately decorated battle-saddle, which he mounted his Laser rifle.


Self-aggrandizing, Leo is cocky and overconfident, but pragmatic enough to bring help in both encounters with Blackjack. Leo's laser rifle was stolen and damaged by Rampage and repaired by Morning Glory who made it her primary weapon. He let Glory keep it after she guilted him by pointing out how much Blackjack would be helping Dr.Zodiac, by recovering Project: Steelpony data.