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Lightning Dust did not appear in [[Fallout: Equestria]] but appears in several sidestories.
Lightning Dust did not appear in [[Fallout: Equestria]] but appears in several sidestories.
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|sidestory=Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn
|content===[[Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn]]==
{{quote|GO TO HELL, [[Sunspot (Rising Dawn)|SUNSPOT!]] ... I've changed - and I'd rather die than leave these ponies to those dirty stripes!|''[[Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn]]'', Chapter 12}}
{{CharInfobox|headercolor = #efefef|headerfontcolor = #000000|headerfontglow = #757575|name = Lightning Dust|title = Lieutenant|race = [[Pegasus]]|sex = Mare|faction = [[Equestria]]|family = Unknown |statusintro = Dead|caption =|eyes = Amber|mane = Amber|coat = Turquoise}}
'''Lightning Dust''', first introduced in Chapter 12, was pegasus mare who lived before and during the [[Great War]]. She joined the Equestrian military sometime during the war, and served until its last day. She is a minor recurring pre-war character that appears in [[Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn]].
Early in her life, Lightning Dust was a proud, arrogant mare whose desire to excel and outdo everypony around her excited emotions of awe, envy, and hatred among those around her. Willing to do anything to win, Lightning Dust pushes herself beyond her limits to beat anypony that would challenge her, even going so far as to endanger her life or the lives of others to succeed. Lightning Dust is cocky and reckless, as seen during her short attendance at the Wonderbolts Academy alongside her then wing-pony, [[Rainbow Dash]], who believed herself and Rainbow Dash to be the best fliers in the academy.
After getting expelled from the academy, Lightning Dust spiraled into a depression, her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt crushed. During this time, and between the Great War, she worked to turn her life around and eventually found redemption in the Equestrian military. Since then, many of her negative traits have slowly faded away.
Though still a hot-blooded mustang, Lightning Dust's temperament has cooled over the years. She has notably matured, her reckless and cocky behavior ironed out over the years and during her training in the military. Lightning Dust is still unafraid to push herself beyond her limits - both physically and more - to accomplish tasks, even going so far as to question direct orders from an officer when she believed his orders were unjust.
Lightning Dust, aware of her shameful past, is rather defensive of her wrongdoings, easily offended by the mentioning of it and quick to rebuke the offender. She is ashamed of what she did to get expelled from the academy, and strives to put that behind her and erase that memory with battlefield glory and great deeds.
'''Before the War'''
Lightning Dust attended the Wonderbolts Academy with [[Rainbow Dash]] when the two were younger. Shining and soaring high above the other cadets, Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash proved to be a formidable team of fliers, passing each test and completing each exercise [[Spitfire]] threw at them. Lightning Dust was eventually promoted to lead pony and Rainbow Dash flew with her as her wing pony. Her pride swelled greatly after this, and her hunger to succeed and be better than everypony else got the better of her. Several days later, she and Rainbow Dash performed a dangerous cloud-busting maneuver that created an immense twister that nearly killed the soon-to-be Ministry Mares. Only through Rainbow Dash's skill was the twister dissipated, and with the help of several other cadets, were [[Twilight Sparkle]], [[Rarity]], [[Pinkie Pie]], [[Applejack]], and [[Fluttershy]] were saved.
Lightning Dust's transgression did not go unnoticed, and she was later expelled from the academy - personally - by Spitfire, for endangering the lives of Rainbow Dash's friends. Lightning Dust spiraled into a depression, her dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt crushed in the wake of her expulsion.
This period of Lightning Dust's life is currently unknown.
'''During the War'''
Later during the Great War, Lightning Dust joined the Equestrian military, seeking redemption for her shameful past. She served several years with her fellow pegasi in the Northern Campaign in Equestria's winter front in an effort to drive the invading Zebras out of the Crystal Borderlands until the war's last day.
On the final day of the war, Lightning Dust participated in the evacuation of Poneva city, and helped rescue Ponevans from the zebra onslaught. Approached by [[Holly (Rising Dawn)|Holly]] and the filly's older brother, [[Sparen (Rising Dawn)|Sparen]], Lightning Dust did not hesitate to take them into her squad's sky-tank for evacuation. However, her Captain, [[Sunspot (Rising Dawn)|Sunspot]] refused to let them into the cabin because the sky-tank had reached maximum capacity, much to Lightning Dust's disgust. She disobeyed his orders and decided that she'd save as many ponies as she could. Despite the sky-tank's carrying capacity, Lightning Dust was only able to accomodate Holly, leaving Sparen behind as the sky-tank took to the skies.
While inside the sky-tank, Lightning Dust bore witness to the balefire bombing of the Crystal Empire, panicking as she realizes that most if not all of her friends, both Equestrian and Imperial had perished or will perish in the balefire. Not long after, Lightning Dust watches as a balefire ICBM strikes the heart of [[Poneva (Rising Dawn)| Poneva city]]. In the wake of the balefire bomb's explosive, cloud-busting shockwave, Lightning Dust's sky-tank stutters and plummets out of the sky. As it is tumbling back to the earth, Lightning Dust is thrown off her hooves and into its hull, snapping her neck and dying instantly.
'''Present Day'''
When [[Red Dawn (Rising Dawn)|Red Dawn]] and [[Candy Cane (Rising Dawn)|Candy Cane]] venture into Poneva's Inner City in hopes of finding the [[Orphanage (Rising Dawn)|Orphanage]]. There they are attacked by a swarm of enraged, [[Blast Shadows (Rising Dawn)|restless spirits]] and separated in the process. Red Dawn, cornered by the blast shadows, is attacked en masse, and before several spirits could possess him, he is saved by the spirit of Holly. Her soul brushes against his and induces a [[Vision (Rising Dawn)|vision]] into the past, which depicts Poneva's last days, including its evacuation. Lightning Dust is seen in this vision, trying to save ponies from the invading zebras.
Lightning Dust is an incredibly skilled flier, perhaps even rivaling that of Rainbow Dash. She is skilled in the use of her power armor's twin-linked magical energy casters, combining her marksmareship and agility to defeat foes both in the air and on the ground.}}

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Let me show you what I've got, ma'am.
Wonderbolts Academy, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Lightning Dust appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's third season in episode 11, Wonderbolts Academy. For more information on her MLP:FIM canon, see her article on the MLP:FIM wiki.

Lightning Dust ID S3E7

Lightning Dust at the Wonderbolts Academy

Depiction in My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicEdit

Lightning Dust is shown to be a vigorous and highly competitive flyer who loves to test her limits. With her strong attitude, speed, and love for flying, she quickly forms a friendship with Rainbow Dash.

However, because of her competitive spirit, Lightning Dust is also very reckless and shows little concern for anyone who becomes a victim of her actions. This is shown when she ignores Rainbow Dash's injury during a team exercise, and again when she brushes off the fact that her tornado put Rainbow Dash's friends in danger. She also seems to be the only pony depicted in the series to have a bigger ego than Rainbow Dash.

Lightning Dust's recklessness and utter disregard for the safety of others eventually lead to her team leader status being taken away and given to Rainbow Dash.

In SidestoriesEdit

Lightning Dust did not appear in Fallout: Equestria but appears in several sidestories.

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