Lilac is an Applejack Ranger who holds the rank of Star Paladin.


Lilac acted as a Star Paladin for her contingent of Applejack's Rangers. She escorted Aurora through the Rangers base and was present during her meeting with Elder Muffins, she then leads Aurora to a place she can stay inside their compound and offers an apology to Requiem. Not long after Aurora brought back a device from the broadcast tower, an Enclave team arrived and discovered their dead as well as three dead Applejack Rangers.

They attacked the Ranger compound, killing Elder Muffins and three others. Lilac suffered severe injuries and lost both legs on one side almost entirely as well as her eye on the same side. She is confined to a wheelchair, but remains the ranking officer within her group of surviving Rangers. She scolds Frozen Fog for trying to blame Aurora for the Enclave's attack and reminds him of his oaths, he goes off to treat Arsenal whilst Lilac offers another apology to Silent Requiem who begins crying.

Aurora leads the Applejack rangers to The Junkyard, where Scraps runs her business and convinces Scraps to let them stay, Lilac set about setting up a Barracks for her Rangers, whilst Aurora left to recover a Water Talisman from Stable 66. She later on, joins in with the singing that Scraps has gotten the Junkyard's residents involved in.


  • Her name is a shade of Purple, just like her coat is purple
  • Is the current leader of her contingent, she may become an Elder later
  • She is remourseful over not being there to save South-Junction
  • She is confined to a wheelchair, like Elder Cottage Cheese
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