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Magical items are items that are either magical naturally or have been made magical.


Name Effect
Elements of Harmony Six magical artifacts that are capable of performing massive feats of Magic. Each element is attuned to a specific virtue: Generosity, Kindness, Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter and Magic. They can only be used by six individuals who best represent one of the virtues of each Element.
Memory Recollector A Memory Recollector is a device used to record memories or view memories by Non Unicorns. Developed by the Ministry of Morale, likely with aid from the Ministries of Technology and Arcane Science.
Memory Orb Used to store an extracted, copied, recorded Memory. Can be accessed by unicorns and alicorns with their magic and by non-unicorns using a Memory Recollector.
Power Armor Steel Ranger power armour is powered using arcane magic. If heavily damaged, the suit can repair itself by inserting metal into a built in port. The helmet has a built in EFS spell. Numerous other enchantments are also used in the armor.
Pipbuck A Pipbuck is a leg mounted device that can display various helpful bits of information and store a vast amount as well. The device displays a map showing locations added or discovered. It has a menu detailing items in an owner's possession and it can connect with terminals and other devices for hacking purposes. The PipBuck has numerous built in spells listed above in the list of spells.
Stealthbucks A StealthBuck is a device with an invisibility spell built into it. The StealthBuck allows a user to turn invisible and avoid detection. StealthBucks are usable by hooking them up with a PipBuck and take two hours to recharge.
Invisibility Cloaks Used by Zebra commandos. Invisibility cloaks have built in invisibility talismans that allow the wearer to become invisible.

Murky Number Seven[]

Name Effect
E.F.S Blocker A device used to block a PipBuck or similar device's Eyes Forward Sparkle (E.F.S) spell.


Name Effect
Zebra Fetish A small magical object that is used to discourage pickpockets. The fetish will 'bite' anyone who tries to access its owner's Saddle-Bag without permission.


Talismans are magical items that were a vital resource during the war. A talisman is made by using a gemstone and enchanting it to perform a specific function. Known types of talismans include...

Name Effect
Water Talismans These were installed in every functional stable to provide the occupants within with fresh clean water. A Water Talisman can generate an indefinite supply of water, making them extremely valuable in a wasteland, devoid of clean, uncontaminated water.
Regenerating/Repair Talismans These talismans were built into Steel Ranger power armor to make repairs quick and easy. Power armor can regenerate by feeding metal into a port built into the armor.
Invisibility Talisman A talisman used in Zebra Invisibility Cloaks a weaker spell was reverse engineered by Equestria and used to make the Equestrian StealthBuck. Only Trixie fully discovered how to turn herself invisible by studying a StealthBuck.
Bloodwing Talisman A magical talisman that grants a pony/zebra or user a pair of bat like wings. A Bloodwing is required to create one of these.

Project Horizons[]

Name Effect
Pesticide Talisman A Talisman that prevents pests like Radroaches from living in or breeding inside a building.

The Last Sentinel[]

Name Effect
Temporal Talisman A talisman that resets a weapon to its previous factory new state, including a full magazine of bullets.


Magical weapons fire off bolts or beams of magical energy. These weapons have a chance of disintegrating opponents by destabilizing their genetic structure and incinerating them instantly. Other weapons might simply enchant the ammunition to cause specific effects. Known weapons include.

Name Effect
Beam Weapons Used mainly by the Enclave Pegasi, Beam weapons fire off colorful beams of lethal, magical energy that can quickly kill targets. Beam Weapons come in pistol and rifle forms. Many robots have built-in beam weaponry.
Novasurge Rifle A rarer variant of the magical beam weapon. Fires powerful orange beams of disintegration energy and is superior to the majority of energy rifles used by Enclave personnel.
Plasma Cannon This weapon requires a Battle Saddle to be used. The Plasma cannon is a three barrelled weapon, used by Calamity on Mr.Topaz when he went to rescue Littlepip. The Weapon was strong enough to harm and injure a young adult dragon like Topaz. The weapon fires bolts of magical green flames.
Balefire Egg & Balefire Egg Launcher A Balefire egg is an explosive full of Balefire. It explodes with enough force to pierce an alicorns shield and kill the alicorn within. The radiation it generates dissipates fairly quickly. A Balefire egg is fired from a unique launcher, which catapults the egg in an arc.
E.M.P Grenades These create a magical, electric field that disables robots and other machinery like Steel Ranger power armour.
Zebra Rifle The Zebra rifle is uniquely designed to fire off three shots in quick succession. The bullets fired ignite a target upon contact, burning them alive.
Star Blaster A star blaster is an exceedingly rare piece of technology. It's exact origins are unknown but most likely it is alien in origin. The weapon can easily pierce through an alicorns shield and disintegrate the alicorn as well. A variant exists, owned by Colonel Autumn Leaf. A Star Blaster if rigged to self destruct, can destroy a S.P.P tower or a large area like Red Eye's cathedral.
Magical Energy Lance A melee weapon that requires a battle-saddle. It can sometimes disintegrate soft targets.

In Other Stories[]

Name Effect
AER-14 Laser Rifle A magical energy rifle that fires powerful magical lasers.
Trottenheimer's Folly A unique and incredibly powerful weapon. Fires destructive beams of magical energy that can seemingly destroy anything.
Anathema A unique Balefire Egg Launcher that fires multiple Balefire eggs at once.
Celestia's Grace A unique magical energy pistol that fires pulse energy.
Grapple Beam The Grapple Beam is a unique, hoof-mounted energy weapon/tool. 
Valkyrie A magical energy scythe that generates a blade, made from a variant of Balefire called ghostfire.
Magi-drill A magical energy drill, primarily used for mining, but makes an effective melee weapon
Mezzer/Mesmetron A weapon designed to stun and incapacitate a hostile lifeform. Effects can vary from causing animal heads to explode, to stunning radscorpions and making a victim dazed and willing to obey suggestions/orders. Robots are unaffected.
Tom A unique and highly ornate Missile launcher. It has unique magical features, such as a built-in levitation field, target lock spell etc.
Philomena's Touch A unique powerhoof that causes targets to catch fire
Woodcutter A laser rifle with an iron sights. Named by Snakebite Tourniquet, after he used it to kill some Timberwolves.

Soul Jar[]

A soul jar is an item that has the soul or portion of a soul within it. A soul jar cannot be destroyed by any normal means, and knowledge of them is limited to unique a unique zebra text called The Black Book, though copies of the book may exist outside the original.

If a weapon, car, device etc, becomes a Soul Jar. It will function exactly as it is, and may gain special properties like never running out of ammo or being even more powerful,accurate or deadly.

Known Soul Jars[]

Name Description Soul
The Black Book The Black Book itself is a Soul Jar, Rarity tried repeatedly to destroy it, but found it immune to her efforts. Even Dragonfire cannot destroy it. The book was teleported via Spike's dragon flame to Celestia when he tried to incinerate it. unknown Zebra
The Collectible Statuettes/Figurines Rarity used knowledge gained from the Black Book to make a imprint of her Soul and those of her five friends. She used the imprint to infuse seven sets of statuettes with the essence of herself and her friends and used pieces of her soul to turn them into Soul Jars, making them indestructible. Rarity
Crusader Maneframe Celestia turned the Crusader Mainframe, built inside the S.P.P control tower into a Soul Jar and then downloaded herself into it. She had hoped to gain control of the S.P.P and prevent the Enclave from closing the sky, but Rainbow Dash's specific instruction whilst building it, prevented her from doing anything but listen to Equestria below her. Elder Cottage Cheese was also going to turn Stable 29's Crusader Mainframe into a Soul Jar, but was stopped by Littlepip. Princess Celestia

in Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons[]

Name Description Soul
Octavia's Contrabass The instrument holds a piece of Octavia's soul, allowing anyone who plays it to play exceptional music. The contrabass cannot make a pony a master musician but it can help them play music exceptionally well. Octavia

in Fallout: Equestria - Broken Steel[]

Name Description Soul
Zyon's Sword Zyon's sword is a pristine blade that Zyon revealed to be a Soul Jar when questioned about its continually perfect condition. The weapon is an heirloom of Zyon's zebra ancestors. unknown