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According to the Stable-Tec maneframe, Stable 101 was the last fully completed stable[1]. It is unknown if there were other unfinished stables besides Stable 0.

Fallout Equestria Stables

# Location Important Habitants Discoveries Social Project Associated Story


Stable-Tec HQ, Fillydelphia Not a complete stable, built as a demonstrator. Fallout: Equestria


Ministry Row, Canterlot

Closed before it was supposed to, formed part of Stable City after opening.

Scootaloo's revenge on the ministries, only opened after original inhabitants were dead.

Fallout: Equestria


Sweet Apple Acres, Ponyville


Sweetie Belle

Velvet Remedy


Apple Family's remaining descendants. Never supposed to be opened Fallout: Equestria
3 Canterlot Xenith's ancestors "Lets Get Along", pony/zebra mix Fallout: Equestria
14 Unknown Mentioned by Scootaloo as a Stable built to save "people," not only ponies A Stable for Equestrian griffons Fallout: Equestria
24 West of New Appleloosa Magically mutated hybrid pets(chimera) Stable-Tec's social project. Male-dominated Fallout: Equestria
29 Fetlock DJ-Pon3 (original) Crusader Maneframe #2 Maneframe Controlled Fallout: Equestria
101 Abandoned Castle, Everfree Forest Red Eye

Red Eye poisoned the overmare and other ponies at the dinner and also started working on becoming a God here.

Earth Pony dominated Fallout: Equestria

Stables in Side Stories

These Stables appear in their respective Side Stories.

# Location Important Inhabitants Discoveries Social Project Associated Story
3 Zebratown Rig

Was a Pony/Zebra mix stable.

Water Talisman was fractured during an accident. Rig, along with a security team, left the stable to find a new one.

Was a research stable that encouraged complete equality, tolerance and cooperation of its pony/zebra inhabitants. The Last Sentinel
4 Connected to an underground rail line coming from Canterlot.





The stable failed after the Overmare accidentally deleted a file that controlled the Stable's programming.

Endurance and teamwork through adversity.

We're no Heroes
5 Connected to an underground rail line coming from Canterlot. Near Stable 4. Long abandoned by the time it was rediscovered. It is unknown what became of its former occupants. An experiment in jury rigging and adaptability. The stable was built and equipped with 2nd and 3rd rate parts and equipment.

We're no Heroes

6 Between Neighagra Falls and the frozen north.

Further north, nearing the Crystal Empire and Thestral (bat pony) regions.

Black Ice


Dedicated to arcane magic, this stable was one of the few that had very little problems with breakdowns. If not for the escape of two ponies (one of whom trashed the incinerator) this stable could have gone on for another century unhindered by the horrors of the wasteland. In a desperate attempt to decern a new way of ruling, this Stable had a group of shadowy rulers as well as an Overmare; which were pitted against one another by Stable Tech. This lead to some vile laws and ways of life that most ponies believed were normal. Fallout Equestria: Devils
7 West of The Sinkhole (Ruins of the Pre-war city of Tall Tales). Royal Flush

Blind Luck


Poker Face

Time-activated recording from Stable-Tec- Reasons unknown. One of the Stables experimenting with alternate cores for society; in this case, luck. Wild Card

Live Wire

Shock Treatment

The Stable had damaged reactors and could only be kept alive by using Unicorns to power the reactor. Overmare was mad with power and intended to murder several ponies which lead to their escape into the wasteland.

Fallout: Equestria - Warring Factions

In the region around Colt's Well




The Stables sensors have been manipulated by

Crimson into thinking Equestria is hospitable again and opened its door. All inhabitants were sold as slaves or work for the Crimson Company. The Stable has then be dismantled.

To provide the population to survive indefinitely, a pair could only have two foals: a colt and a filly. A computer program decided who breeds to provide a robust gene pool. Fallout: Equestria - Gaia Prevails
9 Outside the Vanhoover Region Fallacy Infiltrated by changelings Purity
9 Somewhere near the city of Seaddle Nova Overrun by members of the Steel Rangers. Was built as a Stable to preserve art and culture after the end of the world. If it has an experiment, its not known. Fallout Equestria: Renegades
9 Mountainside next to a town of fiends, not too far from Hidden Springs bunker Wind Thrasher

Dr. Cell

Destroyed after Shadow Star and her friends escaped Genetic experiments for the betterment of pony life Fallout Equestria: Falling Shadows
10 The stable inhabitants and their descendant have unique properties and abilities. Their eyes are a unique shade of gold that persists even when turned into Alicorns. Misfits
10 Unknown

Silo Hopper

Marzee Tomato

Edge Tiller

Chisel Plow

Discovered to be an elaborate simulation being controlled by the S.T.E.L.L.A.  crusader mainframe.

Inhabitants put through hundreds of cycles playing out variations of certain scenarios to see how different factors affect the outcome. Began tracking the significance of certain personality types (called Variants) and their effect on the psychology of a larger population.

Terminal Secrets
11 In a cavern, beneath a shack.

Shimmercoat Crescent Wrench

A Luxury Stable, providing excessive luxuries absent from regular Stables. Built for Ministry Executives and their descendants.

Every year a Unicorn had to be plugged into the generator to provide necessary power so the Stable would not fail, in essence sacrificing themselves for the good of the Stable. Normally the Overstallion/ Mare was the sacrifice. Shimmercoat broke the cycle by ponynapping wastelanders and using them instead.

Morality of Property
12 In a cave, adjacent to Stable 21. Feral ghoul population. Conjoined with its sister Stable, Stable 21, this Stable was built to be fully populated and only adequately provisioned. Stable 12 was designed to shut down its safety and purification systems after a set period, intended to prompt the inhabitants to migrate to the larger, better provisioned sister Stable 21 and share. Treasure Hunting
12 Built beneath Trottingham, in the sewers.

Feral Ghouls

Numerous Ghouls now living in Necroplois, came from this stable.

This stable failed due to a deliberate malfunction, built into the Stable Door, causing it to let balefire radiation leak into the stable. 

The Stable was designed to study the effects of exposure to long-term survivable levels of radiation.

The ponies inside became ghouls.

The intelligent ghoul population managed to escape to the surface, where they founded the ghoul settlement of Necroplois.

The Ditzy Doo Chronicles
12 In a mountainous region to Equestria's north. Applejack's Rangers and the few survivors of its original population. The Applejack's Rangers moved in and repaired the stable's inactive systems. It was hidden from the Enclave due to date on this stable being corrupted in the Stable-Tec listings. Given a plethora of resources, including an advanced interior factory and orchard. Power was then cut to these facilities a short while after the door closed to test how ponies adapted to resource scarcity. Fallout: Equestria - Resistance
13 Hollow Shades Fallout Equestria Moon's Blood
13 Siren Cave in the Detrot area. Clash Coat A two-tiered class system exists. The Overmare judges each newborn foal and determines whether they will be considered a "Desirable" or an "Undesirable". Desirables live a life of leisure waited on by the Undesirables. Only Desirables are permitted to breed. Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony
13 Unknown Midnight Sparkle


This Stable was used by and built to house members of the Ministry of Arcane Sciences after the war. Unknown Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Jewel
14 Mount Reinier near Seaddle. Mentioned by Scootaloo as being in the area of Seaddle. It also seems to be somehow connected to Protocol Zeta. It is mentioned that the Enclave entered this Stable for unknown reasons. Inhabited entirely by Griffons. Survivor's Guilt
15 Big Valley, Utrot Misty La-Moon A stable where all occupants were in a military style society Fallout: Equestria - Hivemind
16 Marizona Leaky Faucet Severely overpopulated and falling apart due to disrepair. Routinely sends teams of volunteers to scout for a habitable environment. Initially underpopulated purposely. Equipped with a talisman that releases a chemical into the vents which increases fertility and decreases time of conception in pregnant mares, essentially guaranteeing a pregnancy after any sexual encounter. As a result, overpopulation and cramped conditions exist. Fallout: Equestria- The Things We've Handed Down
16 Runicorn Brosnan Commandeered by Enclave remnant. Unknown Fallout: Equestria - Duck and Cover!
16 in the sewers beneath The Chariot Hotel in Detrot Used as storage space for The Chariot Hotel settlement until the hotel's destruction at the hooves of Marker. After that some residents opted to make the stable a new settlement, though it is unknown how many ponies stayed or how successful the settlement is. Unknown Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony
17 Bottom of Eternity Lake

Francium Actinium

Helix Deox


Tungsten Deox


Smoking Barrel


[250 ponies total]

A stable built underwater and powered by turbines and natural heat vents. Ruled by both an Overmare and Overstallion, had several orchards and equipment, specialized for maintaining the stable, including EVA Suits.

Designed as a control stable. Genetic diversity could be maintained far beyond a normal stable by use of a genome-mapping machine. Housed a secret project, Project: Nightmare.

Fallout: Equestria - Ouroboros
17 Week South of The Hoof Bloodwing & Blink Stable entrance located in the cellar of an old shack. The inhabitants ended up cannibalizing each other to survive after a ruptured pipe knocked out the main and backup generators. By the time of discovery by Doctor Wings only one mare still remained. Co-habitation of stallions and mares through use of shared facilities. Fallout Equestria Adventures- "Subtitle Pending"
18 Built high into a mountain nearby Junction R-7 Ghoul Minotaur (Possibly Iron Will.) Population killed from starvation/dehydration Reactor designed to fail every 2 months, attempts to repair had to make it past a minotaur hired to guard it. Fallout: Equestria - Outlaw
18 Built into the side of a hill nearby Whitetail Woods. Blitz Anomaly Meant to be a safe haven for both Unicorns and Earth Ponies.

Ended up being Unicorn dominated Stable with the Earth Ponies being turned into slaves.

Fallout Equestria: Blitz's Story
19 South-by-southwest of New Pegas Taken over by the "Mite-y Gang", escapees from the New Coltifornia Republic's prison system. New Pegas
19 Coltpolis Braeburn Taken over by members of the Red Remnant.
19 Fillydelphia Focus Empty Population control Experiment involving couples without foals. Survivor's Guilt
20 Southwest of New Pegas Taken over by the "Friends", raiders who "party to the extreme". "Better Living Through Chemistry": to improve pony life through measured and regulated chem dosage. New Pegas
20 Clipton Being investigated by Applejack's Rangers. The original inhabitants all died of a disease. Hot bunking. Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Jewel
21 In a cave, adjacent to Stable 12. Conjoined with its sister Stable, Stable 12, this Stable was built to be able to support both Stables combined populations. Stable 21 was designed seal off from its sister Stable when it had shut down its safety systems and to then operate independently. Treasure Hunting


Sandy Hooves

Rigourous doctrine. Truth or Dare
23 Manehattan 1000 Ponies [Deceased] Experimental 'Starmetal' Reactor. None. Fallout: Equestria - The Ranger of Seamane
23 Vanhoover Abandoned. Control Stable. Fallout Equestria: Survivor's Guilt
25 Platinum Ridgeline Base 1000 Ponies, 600 turned to Ghouls after reactor failure. 300 survivors. The 'Catalogue' stable, containing examples of science, literature, and technology from every era of pony history such as early farming tools, musical recordings by Octavia and military vehicles for Pegasi. 11 Level stable with 'broken' lifts. Ponies have to work together to reach all areas of the stable for maintenance and survival. Fallout: Equestria - Ouroboros
26 Outside of Oat Grove Ruby StarlightCandy Cane


Star Heart

Active and inhabited. The pet project of Scootaloo. A Stable constructed to build a new society from the ground up without the influence of Stable-Tec in order to test the viability of new societies. After a certain amount of time, a Pony would be chosen to leave the Stable for a year to see if they could survive. Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Jewel
27 Viewpoint

1000 Ponies [Status Unknown]

Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Fallout: Equestria - Ouroboros
27 Somewhere in the south. Licorice Unknown Inhabited entirely by mares. Survivor's Guilt
28 North of a town called Misery Sortilege Harmony Opened after 80 years. Did trade with the outside world. None Fallout: Equestria - Dirty Deeds
28 Unknown Vienna




Vicious internal conflict between members of the church. Daughter of current leader turns out to be a psychopath and begins a killing spree which results in the accidental opening of the stable door.

Door will only open for "The Chosen Soul" one who brings happiness to all by herself. She can not know her identity or she will be given to arrogance and evil. No other way to open the door. Terminal Secrets
28 South of a town called Cartwheel Shadow Star


Grimoire Spell

Used to trade with the town of Cartwheel until the overmare sealed the stable back up. Remained sealed until Shadow Star made her eventual escape Research and development of new technology to help ponykind survive Fallout Equestria: Falling Shadows
29 Awaiting Co-ordinates

Currently Sealed

Currently Unknown Currently Unknown Fallout: Equestria - Memories
30 Unspecified Seaside Cliff, Deep Under Water (Formally)

Adrift in the Ocean (Currently)



200 years of erosion slowly chipped away the rock face that held the stable. During a fierce thunderstorm the entire stable was dislodged from the cliff face and was buoyant enough float. Unknown at this time. Fallout: Equestria - Adrift
31 Green Valley Built under a workshop.


32 Frozen Wasteland Entire population cryogenized. Later released by Subject 42. Self Sustainability. After the Great-War, the inhabitants were to all be crygenically frozen then released once the surface was dwellable. Shattered Gleam
33 Friendship City Stable Pony Population Outfitted with special A.I. to assist with physical and mental testing of Stable population. Overmare implanted mind into this A.I. and went crazy. Fallout Equestria: Starlight
33 Undisclosed Lt. Sparx Workers fled into the unfinished stable once balefire bombs hit. The surviving ponies then slept away two hundred years in stasis pods. The thirty-third stable to begin construction, it was slated to be renumbered once completed due to numerous setbacks. 80 Stasis pods were designed to sustain inhabitants in the event of a mega-spell detonation. The stable was designed to preserve Equestrian history and had a collection of important government and historical documents. Many stolen from the Canterlot Archives Fallout Equestria: Aurora
34 Cave in a hillside, a short walk from the small town of Foaly Overbearing control freak of an Overmare forcing the experiment of stable 34 to go on uninterrupted and to keep everyone in the stable safe and sound underground

important note she is very distrusting of anyone form outside of stable 34

community of stable dwellers still living within and maintaining stable function in order to remain safe while awaiting the overmare's instructions to evacuate

current Overmare is a unicorn who's cutiemark is a stable door named Safegaurd who's onyl daughter Longshot escaped the stable because of her need to live a life of adventure and freedom like her great great grandmother Daring Do whome Safeguard is convinced was jsut a character made up by A.K. Yearling in her books for fillies and colts to keep them happy during the wartimes

Occupants food, water and housing are determined by their IQ

the most intellegent are given the best food, living quarters and highest water rations

the intermediates are given just enough to get by and space for a family of four, with children sharing one bedroom and adults sharing another, single occupants or occupants living together who are not married for example a single mother and her son would be given separate rooms

Low IQ occupants are ofrced into the bottom level of the stabl in cramped share dlivign space on the maintanance levels with the reactor and given jsut what they need to survive in terms of food and water, no luxury is offered they survive ont eh bare minimum

Chance at Redemption (still being written)
35 The Crystal Mountains by the Crystal Empire Midnight Star

Misty Veil

Overmare Princess Cadance/Nocturne

Stable 35 was among the biggest of the Stables built by StableTech. It was privately funded for by Princess Cadance and Shining Armour to protect the Crystal Ponies in the case of the Empires destruction. It is now home to the descendants of the Crystal Ponies from the Crystal Empire. Princess Cadance, having the immense longevity of her aunts Celestia and Luna, remains the Overmare of the Stable. This Stable's social experiment looks at how ponies will act when they have a greatly decreased lifespan, 35 years to be exact. FO:E Talent Pending


36 Between Canterlot & Cloudsdale Ruins Only Steel Ranger Initiates

Elder Archimedes

Crusader Iron

Knight Arrow

Knight Thunder

Knight Lightning

Used as a base for the Steel Ranger inhabitants who still hold onto the pre-war Steel Ranger philosophy. Social Experiment to see how Ranger Initiates would form command structures when cut off from leadership. Stable would open after a single Elder had been in position for 30 years.

Expected Result:

Fighting lasting for years, various killings to become Elder.

Fallout Equestria: Icicle
37 Military base in Appleloosa desert.

Summer Squall Skyhoof

Radiation experiments on children. Summer showers bring May flowers
38 New Pegasus Strip Owned and Operated by a mare named Full House who won the place in a rigged game of poker with the stallion she found the place with, ofcourse being the 'good sport' she was she let him work for her there Stable 38 was a typical normal Stable out in the Marejave, no known experiments in place, then after the megaspells it was refurbished into a travel stop run by a mare named Fullhouse, there customers could gamble all their caps away, drown their cares in whiskey, scotch and AppleJack Daniels and spend those lonely nights with a mare or stallion, as long as you could give them the caps upfront in advanced after which those departing if they haven't blown all their caps already can purchase a number of items such as Stabletech equipment, technology, spare parts and even a Stable 38 Jumpsuit No Notable Experiments Chance at Redemption (still bring written)
39 Marelem forest Desendents of major sports ponies. stable entrance to be hidden, ponies convinced there was no way out. Fallout Equestria: Honestum corda
40 Stalliongrad Sealed during the Battle for Stalliongrad, 2 years before the end of the war. Before the End
41 Los Pegasus Fallout: Equestria - Rolling Bones
42 Outside of Marefort, near a cliff-face.

Smooth Tongue

Summer Silk

Crimson Hoof gang

Used as a base of operations by the Crimson Hoof. Unknown. Heroes
43 Mountains North of Stalliongrad Shadow Window


Agent 9

Random Chance (Agent 71)

Probability Driver (Agent 88)

Wandering Sunrise (Experimented Subject Escaped)

Inside a Mountain buried behind a secondary stable door in order to ensure it from being discovered. The mountain has no path up to it anymore and must be scaled manually to get there now.

Has remained undiscovered.

Objective of making a new Pinkie Pie. A

pony with the powers of relationship, random item producing, and knowing things well outside their preview. Determined to create such a creature and then expose it to I.M.P., later brought under communication and control of the goddess for this experiment.

Successful test subject has escaped and is being sought to be recovered.

Dead Tree
44 100 miles from Old Appaloosa

Dracous Adviser Alabaster (deceased)

A friendly dragon and pony stable. Made to be larger than typical stables for their inhabitants.

Under unknown reasoning, the stable amplified brainwaves through an artifact in the generator in order to bring the residents into lucid dreams while awake. Stable Residents were annihilated when one resident went insane due to an adverse effect.

Fallout Equestria: Chivalry
45 11.15 miles from the land border to the Zebra Lands. Located in The Long Walk Spaz (Speak Easy)

Doll (Joy Pill)


A haphazard Stable built by the local residence because Stable-Tec was spending to much money on shipping materials and builders so close to the the border. Funded mostly by the 'A New Start' company. The Stable was built to test the effects of impending and early death having an effect on a community's birth rate pattern. Fallout Equestria: Odd Jobs
46 Trottingham region

Stone Tower


Razor mercenaries

Home to Stone Tower, the mysterious and reclusive slave trading kingpin of Trottingham, and long time enemy of Sage Unknown - now used as a slaver compound Fallout: Equestria - Just Like Clockwork


Near Stalliongrad The Last Sentinel
48 Buckago

Dr. Lancet

Cider Press

Sunny Showers

Home to Prism Technology's best biologists, botanists, and geneticists. They were supposed to use their skills to engineer fauna that could support pony life after the radiation level dropped. Homecoming
48 Near Reino Cherry Blossom Its connected somehow to Protocol Zeta, and was targetted by the Grand Pegasus Enclave in pursuit of one of the keys to the Protocol. All ponies at birth were divided into one of seven divisions: administration, maintenance, medical, science, breeding, food service, and security. Survivor's Guilt
49 Vanhoover Region Octavia (deceased) Has been completely ransacked for all its worth, except for the only functioning, private, cryo room. Tests in cryogenics (which failed dismally). Purity
50 Equestrian Naval Academy, Baltimare Not Known The stable was for soldiers and their families at the Equestrian Naval Academy. Unicorns and Earth Ponies were in the inhabitants. Inhabitants were infected with a virus designed to make the better ponies and weather the wasteland better. Known as Super Ponies. The ponies change in the mid life, resulting in Increased strength, size and immunity to radiation and harsh chemicals. Soon thought, the brain deteriorates to a retarded level. Fallout Equestria: Shaping Shadow
50 Outside of Trottingham

Mint Cream

Peach Cobbler 

Stable was a special commission for the military Fort Stronghoof. Construction placed very low on Stable-Tec's priority list. Was cheaply made, reactor and systems barely held out 12 years before failing. Control Stable, or rather, no experiment placed into it beyond the expected early fail date of the utility systems. Was still monitored by Stable-Tec to gather any potentially useful data from the soldiers' interractions. Terminal Secrets
51 Saddlebrook Harmony

Overmare Strict Monotony

The Stable 51 Elders

Stable 51's Elite Guard

An all Earth Pony Stable which values stability, conformity and routine above all else. Located in a mountain, below the cloud line, Stable 51 connects to a secret hidden valley, also below the cloud line, where the the stable dwellers have been harvesting food for the past century or so.


The social experiment for Stable 51 is to find out how ponies would react when all forms of fun, and anything considered Frivolous, are completely outlawed, the penalty for these things being death. The ponies have little choice, from birth a machine picks their name, they are taught based on their name, and then are assigned work based on their cutie mark.


FO:E Talent Pending


52 Trottingham region




Atom Spark


Final resting place of the TARDIS, home to an unknown but highly skilled murderer. An attempt to create an optimized society, free of past corruptions. Just Like Clockwork
53 Manchester Zyon No Social Project Pony/Zebra mix. Broken Steel
55 In a hidden valley near the mountains which border the Griffin Kingdom Thrice the size of a normal stable,Stable 55 features tries to create a peaceful society by inhibiting its (primaly earth pony) inhabitants sense of desire.  Fallen Angels
56 Ironshod Firearms near Old Apploosa Broken Steel
56 Approximately eighty miles east of Neigh Orleans Cast Die

The Armored Stranger

Unable to export their products due to faulty technology, the Dwellers abandoned the Stable after a century and took their goods with them. In the lowest area of the Stable is a locked, reinforced door asking for M.W.T. credentials. Within the Stable was a fully-equipped manufacturing facility capable of producing a wide variety of products, chief among them being the cutting-edge stimpak. Completed supplies were intended to be teleported out to Canterlot to assist with relief efforts after the war. Of Shadows
57 In a cliffside between Prim and Mirage Steel Heart The Stable inhabitants created a competition in order to decide the pony to be sacrificed. The Stable's citizens were all but eradicated by a crazed Overmare. Designed to force inhabitants to sacrifice each other under false threat of punishment, until they refused. Comprised entirely of scientific masterminds in an effort to promote rapid technological advancement. Rise from the Ashes
58 Four Ridges Crimson Wings

Stable purposed for military officers and families of.

Also held civilians

Broken Bonds
59 New Beginnings
59 Outlands, Western  Ridge

Tesla Ampere, Static Discharge, Ocean Mist, Firestorm,

(2,300 ponies total)

Opened 80 years before Pip's adventure by Ocean Mist and Firestorm. Residents aren't allowed to leave unless banished Extreme segregation and caste system, with unicorns at the top, earth ponies on the bottom, and what few pegasi in the middle.

A Pony of a Different Color

Arc Flash

60 In a mine located in the Blackhoof region. Steel Ranger population/family After two centuries of maintaining and training its population and avoiding in-breeding the population has dropped to just a hooffull of rangers. The intention was for this Stable to be able to support a fully functional paramilitary presence in the post-megaspell Blackhoof region. Treasure Hunting
60 San Horsay Fallout: Equestria - Rolling Bones
61 Galloping Gorge



Stayed closed longer than required at the whim of the overmares in charge. Having a reduced population with a maximum of 210 ponies at its peak. This was to replicate a "small town" culture vs that of a larger community. Fallout: Equestria - Pure Hearts
61 Built within a mountain range on the northern Equestrian border. Snowflake Closed one month before the megaspells dropped, against the wishes of Stable-Tec. Comprised of roughly 50 each of griffons/pegasi/unicorns/earth ponies, and roughly 25 each of zebra/buffalo/diamond dogs/donkeys. Fallout: Equestria - Old Souls
62 Hidden under a Desalinization Plant on the Inland Sea Fo:E: A Cut Above
63 Southwest outskirts of Baltimare Sparks Built to accommodate Earth ponies and Unicorns as their own separate populations. Thus there were two Overmares assigned to this Stable, one for each subspecies of pony. The Stable Was ordered by Stable-Tec to suspend experiment indefinitely on the Last Day and act as a control Stable. Due to the nearby Balefire detonation meant for Baltimare this message was never received. Built with state of the art cloning technology and gene labs, Stable 63's experiment was to make subtle changes to the pony genome to breed the 'perfect pony' one that couldn't hate or fear, two things associated with the state of the world when it ended. To accommodate this experiment, the Stable was built with two levels, one to breed stock to have their genes harvested and another to work on and refine the pony genome. Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Soul
64 Unknown Bitwise Unknown Unknown FoE: Adventures the PNP Game
65 South of Hoofington Butterscotch The stable successfully endured incident free for 157yrs. Power failure, induced by a burst water pipe caused loss of food production and the ponies resorted to cannibalism to survive until only one mare was left. Designed to readjust social norms by forcing the inhabitants to share a common living quarters with five other individuals with no true individual privacy. FoE: Adventures Title Pending
66 Iron Clad (prisoner) Overmares alterations turn all implantees into mindless drones who capture and forcibly implant others to swell their ranks. A form of 'hive mind' via cerebral implants. New Beginnings
66 Manehattan Arc LightCaramel Corn In chaos, current status unknown Built to house the wealthier ponies of Manehattan, however it was constructed with cramped quarters and required families to double up in the quarters. Survivor's Guilt
67 Outside Fillydelphia, located in a quarry. Cheddar Cheese 

Quarter of the population of 800 ponies were killed by Bandits. Had a full functional orchard and water talisman.

681 surviving ponies were rescued and escorted to safety by the Steel Ranger, Gizmo.

The Stable was meant to open after 10 years, but the lethal radiation outside, forced the opening to be postponed for another 30 years. The Ditzy Doo Chronicles
68 Along the Foal Mountain Range, East of Canterlot. About halfway, where the river turns South. Shadow Flare Enclave Reconnaissance team, Inquisitors. The Stable was renamed Outpost Rosemary. 68 Lacks a direct Social Project. However, since it was late war, only 16 families were cleared for entrance. Their new town, Sanctuary, had not been expanded from the first 16. As a result, they began to have genetic inbreeding problems, which weakened them severely and soon would make them extinct. Fallout Equestria: Shaping Shadow
69 Whinnyapolis

(For the "Stable 69" from Project Horizons, see Stable 89)

Misty Cloud Contained 1000 mares and 10 stallions, resulting in the introduction of a very strict breeding program. The Daily Unlife
69 To the South from Stalliongrad

(For the "Stable 69" from Project Horizons, see Stable 89)

Sparkplug, Coldbrew Contained 1000 mares and 10 stallions, resulting in the introduction of a very strict breeding program. Fallout: Equestria - Crimson Tide
70 Seaddle Quartz Stone Unknown Facet
71 Trauston Lucky Heart Built out of an abandoned gold mine near the center of the city. All individuals were put into a virtual version of the stable, with all memories after entering it being from inside the virtual version of said stable. Every Lie
72 The Far North Frost Windchill Had an extremely diverse library. The Last Sentinel
73 Near Vanhoover, in the Vanhoover Region Built over a natural well of raw liquid magic. Gradually exposed the residents to gaseous raw magic. Purity
73 Unknown




Stable 73 Overmare

Revealed that food processor was carefully tracking nutrition of population. There was enough food to go around in terms of vitamins and calories, but there was an appearance of scarcity. Collective panic and gluttony led to monsterous results. Experiment was to see how a population would democratically distribute scarce supplies. They were told there was not enough food to feed everyone, with the meals distributed as 500 bowls per day for 1000 ponies. Each generation enacted increasingly selfish and draconian measures. Terminal Secrets
74 Between Baltimare and Fillydelphia Breaker Box Unicorn superiority over earth ponies. Fallout: Equestria - Nightingale
75 Stable Town (originally Whooveswick), Mayne Sweet Cheeks (hotel manager and Overmare); different pony visitors. Unknown; most likely located inside a building within Stable 75. It is used as a hotel facility. Silence
76 Somewhere in West Fernginia. None Unknown, A control Stable that was opened twenty-five years after the Mega Spells. Believed to have advanced technology. Control Stable. No experiments.

However it is said to have advanced


76 Dusselhoof

Doctor Greenshift

Tulip Blossom

From an initial population of 1000 ponies, 895 of the residents died within hours of the reactor meltdown. Of the 105 ghouls, 78 turned feral and only 27 retained their sentience. The experiment was intended to test the effects of intense balefire radiation on a trapped population. Theories about potential biological consequences were being postulated, but would not be confirmed until the ghoulification was directly recorded and studied. Confessions of a Wasteland Pony
77 Coltchester Unknown, still sealed. [spoiler] Broken Bonds


Coltchester Donkey and Zebra inhabited Stable. Broken Bonds
78 Unknown Unknown, is somehow connected to Protocol Zeta. Unknown Survivor's Guilt
79 Brighthoof


Lily Flower

Red Wire

Medical systems failed, and food supplies shortened, and a portion ponies turned cannibal. A group survived by locking themselves into the center of the stable. Purposely kept ponies underfed, but not starving. Designed to make the working class feel more important than administration. Broken Soul
79 Manechester Duchess Rose Petal Population voluntarily surfaced six months later when balefire levels were safe and resettled the Foggy Isles. Stable 79 supports the population with power, water, living quarters and holographic defenses. It is believed to be a Control Stable, but this is not known for sure. It is possible the ancient unicorn-bias present in the population was magnified in the years after the war to test its efficacy in a post-apocalyptic world. Confessions of a Wasteland Pony
80 Five Highways Wasteland

Amber Glow


Power Plug

The older stable-dwellers died out until only teenagers and children with the most antibodies had survived. Abalone & Amber Glow hacked the stable door to open to escape before another wave of plagues could kill them.

The experiment was to breed a population that would be immune to as many diseases as possible to have robust health for a post-apocalyptic world. However, the computers that created the contagions eventually broke down, causing the Overmafre to form a team of scientists to continue the experiment. The Scientists Leader Power Plug became fed up with that way of life and rebelled, killing the Overmare and her loyalists. The remaining children we're let loose into the Wasteland with altered memories to prevent the revolt from being discovered.

Confessions of a Wasteland Pony

The Fall of Stable 80

81 Hoof's Ridge Vanilla Cream

Butterscotch Candy

Raided and destroyed by Remnant personnel. A stable originally inhabited by super-geniuses. Designed to combine earth pony engineering with unicorn magic to create machines that were ordinarily impossible. Surviving Light
81 Near Savanneigh

Pinkin (Pink Pippin)

Green Orchard

Lug Nut

Doctor Needle

Successive generations accepted the story based on psychosomatic suggestion. The ones who rejected the conditioning were considered immune. However, a failure of the medical establishment maintaining the experiment led to violent riots and uncovering the truth. S.T.E.L.L.A. deemed the experiment a failure and made Butterfly Stitch purge the inhabitants. The Stable 81 experiment was intended to produce a population of ponies that were immune to subconscious suggestion. It was theorized that with a mental framework more geared toward rational analysis rather then external inception, the ponies would be protected from some of the fears and paranoia that escalated the Great War so quickly. First stable generation were tricked into believing they suffered migraines induced by balefire brain damage. Successive generations accepted the story based on psychosomatic suggestion. The ones who rejected the conditioning were considered immune. Terminal Secrets
82 Hollow Shades

Shooting Star

Bailey Sweet Apple

Massive cache of pre-war junk food inside. Home to Raspberry Tart's ancestors. Heavily encouraged overeating. Security staff intentionally understaffed. No exercise equipment. Broken Scale
84 Between Canterlot and the Frozen North Changelings A Stable designed purely for Queen Chrysalis and her hive. Changeling only. Fallout: Equestria - War Does Change
85 The mountains far northwest of Manehattan Crusader Candy

Babs Seed (Overmare)

A military base constructed by the Equestrian military with advice from Stable-Tec. Included two bootleg versions of a Crusader maneframe. Struck by a balefire bomb that, instead of exploding, leaked into the Stable for a century after the War. Entire Stable transformed either into Canterlot ghouls or disgusting mutations as a result. Guards the only known individual that the Impelled Metamorphosis Potion ever properly worked on. Of Taint And Colts






Cinder Trails



Competition stressed in all things. Guise of Chaos
88 Pondale's Air Chariot Port

Appletart Longshot

Blueberry Muffin - First Overmare.

Blueberry Muffin - Appletart's mother.

Was discovered looted when Appletart returned after the initial assault, years earlier. Control Stable, designed to save ponies lives. Broken Steel
89 Flank

Caprice Residents of Flank

Has been converted partly into a bar and a safehouse during assaults.

Was given an abusive amount of chems.

Project Horizons

90 Hoofington Area Buttercup Marked complete but was incomplete; stripped of resources by Goldenblood to help build Gardens of Equestria. Inhabitants went insane within 12 days and became hostile and began to feed on one another. Died out after 22 days with the Overmare perishing 2 days afterwards. Project Horizons
91 Northern Wastes (Near the Ruins of the Crystal Empire)

Red Dawn

Peach Petals

Morning Dawn

Built with the intention of testing whether or not Earth ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi could live in harmony post-war. Rising Dawn
91 Mareizona Abandoned. Every week the Overmare would be switched to another pony Survivor's Guilt
92 Roam, Equestria (between Fillydelphia and Manehattan)




Started as a private project by several millionaire ponies and brought into StableTec via eminent domain. All ponies were required to purchase their way in at a cost of 1 million bits per family member.  No lottery tickets, just straight money.  Opened briefly ten years after the war, the residents chose to remain sealed up after encountering raiders outside. Unburied
93 Fillydelphia Region

Had Ministry of Arcane Science Staff. They replaced the Overmare and confiscated the Stable's PipBucks. The stable rooms would seal and depressurize whenever a PipBuck was activated as a defense mechanism during a coup from the original residents.

Originally none. But after they took in many scientists, the Stable began performing MAS experiments. Just under half the Stable residents were non Ministry staff. They held an election for Overmare's position every 8 years. Murky Number Seven
94 Chapel Charity One single room. Charity owns it and uses it as a personal vault.

Deliberately underfunded to redirect funds into more expensive stables.

Project Horizons
94 Northern Hoofington Keeper Might be the same as Stable 94, but was likely a numbering error. Social order revolved around the economy; Whoever had the most money was considered the overpony. Project Horizons
95 Vanhoover Region Stradivaria Only three survivors Was working fine until the Overstallion activated an emergency broadcast which contained a certain wavelength of sound that caused 75% of the residents to go insane. Purity
96 Shadowbolt Tower Farsight



500 ponies [Evacuated to Stable 99]

Reliant on the Thunderhead Enclave for food and supplies. Unicorn dwellers used as cyberization technicians for Lighthooves.

Origin of the colonists for the revived Stable 99

A stable based on the equality of all races of pony Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons


Northern Wasteland TBA The door is blasted out, the entrance is blocked with concrete Cultural preservation of Equestria The Fossil
97 Somewhere north of New Appleloosa

Bon Bon


Farm Freak

The stable's reactor exploded from poor care, leaking radiation throughout the Stable. The radiation has since dissipated and the stable is now used as a safehouse by travelers. Inhabitants were encouraged to use the Stable's social network, MyStable Wild Wasteland
97 Unknown Unknown, is somehow connected to Protocol Zeta. Unknown Survivor's Guilt
97 Near Whinnieapolis Stardust Taken over by the Grand Pegasus Enclaved and used for the Devil's Children Program Original project unknown Fallout Equestria: Falling Shadows
98 Northern Wastes (Near Poneva City) For unknown reasons, the Stable's inhabitants were found dead, their corpses gnarled and dessicated. It is rumored that their ghosts haunt the Stable, and as such, scavengers refuse to go inside.  Stable 98 was equipped with a single Solar Orb, which was able to produce light similar to the light of the Sun. Rising Dawn
99 Hoofington



Scotch Tape

EC-1101 was discovered in the system. Has a unique recycling system that converted organic matter into food. A strict breeding program was introduced, with forty stallions used as breeding companions in a continuous chain. Project Horizons
102 Caledonia Was a stable that was deliberately built faulty to test the effects of magical radiation exposure. Became one of the NCA's major settlements, Eye Glow. Heroes
104 All That Remains
105 The Domain (formerly the Des Manes Basin, in southwest Equestria) 4AMUL3R109 "Foray"

Silver Heart

Built to test an agitation drug on ponies and other creatures, the radroach tests made the once harmless pests into "deathroaches", vicious mutants that swarm together in millions at the top levels of the vault. At the lowest levels, the tested ponies, diamond dogs, and zebra lay frozen in cryostasis chambers.
108 Everfree Forest Sky Fire & clone stable dwellers. Cloning Facility. Experimented and perfected cloning. The cloning machine used Sky Fire's DNA to recreate Rainbow Dash. Broken Steel
110 (Lost and destroyed) Far Hills (North of Fillydelphia) Daring Do Cube made of Starmetal. Home stable of Daring Do, the purpose of the stable was to perform archaeological and anthropology experiments from Sergeant Zack and Daring Do exploration. Stable was compromised by a unknown radiation killing all the workers except Daring Do. Giving both Zack and Daring to live forever without adging and could heal there wounds. The Stable was destroyed by the Equestrian Military before the Balefire Megaspell. Fallout Equestria: A Technological Exploration
112 Near Ponyville Recordings of former dwellers. An armoured suit Appletart wears due to her pregnancy. Large Control Stable Broken Steel
112 Near Maresprings Rain Runner



Completely abandoned and uninhabited, but otherwise functional. Officially a control Stable, however 112 was the Stable used by Project Legacy. As such its lowest levels included a genetics lab and magical stasis pods Fallout Equestria: Hidden Legacy
113 Vanhoover Region Completely functional. All ponies who earn a cutie mark undergo cyberpony surgery or are exiled three years later. Purity
114 Canterlot Mountains

Ocher Bullion

Maple Sugar

The VR pods are occupied only by unicorns so they may be used as magical batteries. VR pods used to keep a quarter of the population in an imaginary, pre-war town as an attempt to preserve pony innocence. Operation Flankorage
115 Operation Flankorage
116 Operation Flankorage
117 Beneath the Crystal Empire Library Bright Idea Stable failed due to Bright's cryogenic pod drawing more power than the Stable had been designed to put out.

Stable 117 suffers total power failure moments before Bright Idea leaves.

Cryogenic preservation of Equestria's top scientific minds. Scientists were to be kept in cold sleep until the surface was deemed same. Operation Flankorage
117 Near Horseton. Unknown, is somehow connected to Protocol Zeta. Unknown. Survivor's Guilt
118 San Palomino Desert, half way between Old Appleloosa and New Pegas



Red Wing

Honest Heart

Filthy Anger

Stable was filled only with most racist and proud of their own race pegasi from Cloudsdale, which also showed the greatest intolerance of any deviation from the norm Fallout Equestria: The Rejected Ones
119 Mountains near Darkness' Shadow Overrun by plant life.  Plant life was mutated by a Crashed UFO that also held pony Abominations. Forgotten Light
120 Designed to house the families of the subjects in The Vault's experiment. Forgotten Light
121 In a mountain in the southeast corner of the Forgotten wasteland Double Overmare Stable, only ponies were in this Stable. Forgotten Light

Located North of Hoofington.



Opened up and established Stable City, granted citizenship in exchange for advanced technology. Dark Shores
122 Somewhere south of Neigh Orleans. Silver Lining


Happy Smiles



Minstry Mare Clones

Interference from an unknown group lead to this Stable ignoring the instructions left by Stable-Tec. Instead they genetically modified ponies using the DNA of the Ministry Mares to enhance their abilities. Sustaining a population of 500 ponies. Survivor's Guilt
123 Was supposed to be overseen by an Overmare but instead had an Overstallion. The residents left the stable 18-30 years after it closed. Designed to fail over time and force the inhabitants to go out and repopulate/rebuild the wasteland. Heroes
130 Far northern border of the Stalliongrad region Scout Replica of an Equestria, unmarred by civilization. Denizens told to "start from scratch" Snowfall

Between Manehattan and Hoofington.

Foolscap Rebellions tended to occur and inevitably fail, causing a large number of Stable Dweller exiles to go out into the Wasteland.

A totalitarian masterpiece controlled by one ruling family with one Overmare in power at any given time.

Unbeknownst to any of the inhabitants - including the ruling family - the main point of the Stable was to intentionally incite an "us vs. them" mentality against totalitarianism.

Fallout Equestria: Roadside Stories

Slave of Valor

133 Steel Ranger base. Switched over to Applejack's Rangers come the civil war. Intended for bright thinkers, kept both civilians and some military personnel safe. Broken Bonds
140 Wellsprings Fallout: Equestria - Rolling Bones
141 Los Pegasus Fallout: Equestria - Rolling Bones
142 Brotherhood
144 Mountains to the west of Baltimare. Gale Stormcrest Unfinished stable, re-purposed into a Talon compound. Fallout: Equestria - Nightingale
148 Under Horseton Designed to test ponies' reaction to lengthy outages of key systems. All inhabitants died when the system malfunctioned.
154 Directly between Manehatten, Hoofington and Ponyville. Gunner




Flash Lightning.

Attacked in the hope to prevent the super soldier from ever existing. Only four dwellers survived the attack. Pegasi/Unicorns/Earth Pony Hybrid.

Pegasi-Gene-Manipulator Stable, purposed to 'Accelerate' Evolution progress in the hope to create the super-soldier.

All Pegasi are different manipulations of the Shadowbolts.

166 Overview Survivors of Stable 166 Attacked and invaded by Red Eye's forces Preserved lethal weaponry blueprints created by the MOW Fallout Equestria - Bloodline
173 Neighvada Desert Lavender All the population had been slaughtered by the foals and fillies. The Stable had been fitted with an AI that would spark violence in young ponies by means of subliminal conditioning. Fallout Equestria: Viva Las Pegasus
175 Chicacolt None Built atop a Changeling hive. Was originally intended to test psychoactive drugs on the Stable population.  When it drove the Stable inhabitants insane, the Changeling hive was forced to slaughter them to survive. Fallout Equestria: Starlight
180 Chicacolt Pride, Sloth Home stable where the Sins were created. Was intended to promote multiculturalism with various races sealed inside, much akin to Chicacolt's culture and life. Fallout Equestria: Starlight
188 New Pegasus Farsight Built beneath the city of Las Pegasus, later New Pegasus The Stable was meant to test the Dwellers' resistance to a strong rationing of food and a 'Lottery' that would expel a Dweller once a year. Secretly, the population was divided into two classes, the elites and the lowborns, from which only the lowborns got thrown out. Fallout Equestria: Viva Las Pegasus

(Fo:E - Allegiances)

Whinnycrest A key to access the SPP Hub in Neighvarro


Seaddle All ponies inside were turned into feral ghouls. Clearer Skies
199 Seaddle

Desert Eagle

Quick Scope

Largest stable ever built.

Contains earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi.

Clearer Skies
200 Mareston The Wonderbolts Built beneath the City of Mareston to house members of Equestria's military. It contained 400 cryogenic preservation tubes to keep the residences held in a state of suspended animation. Only 150 ponies made it into the stable on the Last Day. The last remaining survivors are The Wonderbolts. Contains members of Equestria's legendary flying team known as The Wonderbolts.
512 Atom Smasher A mostly incomplete and rushed stable Contained a mix of ponies, many of them seemed to have similar coat colors Duck and Cover!
Stable Phi NE of Las Pegasus The Tadoshans Designed around the creation and use of the Recombulator Regeneration Technology with the help of the alien race know as the Tadoshans. Ponies and aliens working together. Dead Tree
Ironworks Stable Big 52. In the ruined town of Ironworks Survivors of The Herd Assault. Later used as a base by Route 52's Applejack Rangers. The door controls outside the stable had built in lightning/tesla defense systems to prevent forced entry. Puppysmiles accidentally activates them. None given. Used as a safehouse by the towns inhabitants when The Herd attacked.

Pink Eyes

The Astral Stable The Moon Liaison Sapphire (first Overmare)

Dr. Comet

Built to house the blanks used to construct Project Horizons. Later used to house stowaway OIA and MoA ponies... and their descendants.

Plans stolen from Stable-Tec by Goldenblood. It is based on the designs for Stable 99.

Monitors signals from the stars and Equus.

Contains a Project Chimera Tree of Life for making blanks. Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons
Marediolanon Zebra Homelands Goldwreath Door was sealed to prevent being opened. Was meant to help rebuild the Zebra Empire. Contained Zebras and a mix of various ponies. Fallout: Equestria - New Roam
Unmarked Stable Eastern Coastline, below a lighthouse near Buckston

Bright Future

Overmare Wave

Corrupted A.I.

The stable failed when the A.I. Wave became corrupted and started absorbing other A.I.'s. It Let the few survivors leave when they were not a threat to its existence. Observing the stable and its inhabitants as they integrate advanced technology into their life in the stable. Fallout: Equestria - Outlaw
T.I.T Stable VII Wintertrot, in the underground tunnel network

The stable ponies were killed by the robotic security.

The Entire bottom level was discovered to be a massive room, devoted to storing numerous types of ammunition.

The Stable was not fully finished, resources devoted to its construction were used in other Stable projects.

The stable was used as a testing and research facility for ammunition and weaponry.

Fallout: Equestria - Rangers of Wintertrot
The Vault Pre-War Military Base

The Survivors of The Vault

Silver Aura

No stable number assigned, referred to by it's codename. Home of a top secret experiment that in the end went horribly wrong for all but one survivor. To give Earth Ponies and Pegasi access to Unicorn Magic. Forgotten Light
The Safe Canterlot Versatile

The Safe was a wartime laboratory, that was built inside a stable in Canterlot. The stable housed an armory and a population that was turned into ghouls or died of radiation.

Housing Versatile, continued robotics research? Do Robot Ponies Dream of Electronic Bunnies

Solaris Stable

Big 52 SC Branch

SolOS - Mr Blue Voice

Contained Memory Orbs that Puppysmiles was sent to retrieve by Molten Gold. SolOS's A.I. is stored here and can broadcast his influence using the broadcaster.

A nest of Paradores was found living in the broadcasting tower room.

Supposed to be better than a Stable-Tec Stable. Failed miserably due to the Broadcasting tower that was open to the elements, letting in Paradores and radiation.

Pink Eyes

Stable L03 - Stable Lab 03 Beneath left wing of an old mansion.

Bukov Bukov's brainwashed slaves, devoted to Bukov.

Abandoned and then taken over by the slaver Bukov. Used it as a place to experiment on breeding out mutations prevalent in wasteland ponies. We're no Heroes
Stable L04 - Stable Lab 04

Lee and Anne's Home Stable. Red Tape - Lee's husband and Anne's father.

Creating advanced cybernetics, building a loyal cyborg army. Crashed UFO Site.

We're no Heroes

Stable X Unknown

Butterfly Stitch


Spare Parts


Doctor Fractal

Stable Control Overmare



Stable Control is able to successfully monitor and analyze the other stable experiments for nearly 200 years, but suffers a systematic collapse due to many flawed systems and the collective psychology of the population finally breaking. 

Stable X is also known as Stable Control. It's main purpose is to carry out the monitoring and analysis of all the other ongoing Stable experiments. It is not known if they too are being monitored and evaluated by the crusader maneframe, but most assume that is the case.

One stable analyst, Butterfly Stitch, ends up setting off a chain reaction which collapses the status quo of their sealed society.

Terminal Secrets
Z Vanhoover Region Contains tech such as the Zebran Magic Disruptor Grenades and Draconequus Chaos Shielding. Fully Zebran Stable, commisioned by Fluttershy. Purity
Gamma Origin of the No-Face raiders. Faces and Cutie Marks were concealed so that only masks and jewelry could be used to tell ponies apart. Later, after this caused the inhabitants to develop a nudity taboo, a second experiment activated and all jumpsuit extruders self destructed. Old Vaquero
Infinity Under the Time Turner Clockwork Company factory 2 days trot from Detrot Dr. Clockwork

Future Knick-Knack

Commandeered by a power hungry and cocky scientist form the MAS named Dr. Clockwork. he changed the original experiment for one of his own. He installed an experimental time dilation talisman that makes 1 day in the stable equivalent to 28 years in the world outside. Original project unknown.

Was altered to have a time dilation talisman installed.

Ballad of a Crystal Pony
Stable Testing Facility The Badlands Honey Bee The facility Stable-tec used to test and perfect Stable technology.
Stable HDQ Caves underneath the Canterlot Castle Dinky

Floating Pigeon

This Stable was not build by Stable-Tec, but instead it was a headquarters of Equestrian Paladin Corps for centuries before the apocalypse. It was adopted as Stable, but the only important change was the exchange of it's doors into Stable-Tec blast-doors, the same as at other Stables. After the War, it was used as a headquarters for New Equestria Republic military. None, most inhabitants survived and established the New Equestria Republic when the radiations levels lowered to point when life on surface was possible again. Fallout Equestria: The Rejected Ones


  1. Chapter 27: “Stable 101 was built within the Everfree Forest itself.” The looks and gasps were exactly what I expected. “Apparently, there used to be an old castle on a safe patch of land in the middle of the place. That’s where Stable-Tec built their last completed Stable.”