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Little Gilda and Butcher Statuette.
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Little Gilda is a dismounted, Anti-air cannon owned by the griffin talon,Butcher of Blackwing's Talons. The weapon eventually changed owners and was taken by Regina Grimfeathers.


Little Gilda was first shown in use by Butcher in her triple battle-saddle when Littlepip and her party rescued Blackwing and her talons from a group of unity alicorns that had ambushed them and trapped them in a seemingly inescapeable shield. Butcher had run low on ammunition from fighting alicorns earlier, meaning they couldn't just blast their way out.

Butcher used Little Gilda to great effect during Littlepip's plan to fight the alicorns. Butcher tried to give Little Gilda to Littlepip in payment for rescuing Blackwing and the rest of her talons, Calamity proposing the idea of strapping it to Steelhooves back. Littlepip turned down the offer, stating they had enough firepower and simply asked for a favour from Blackwing instead. Little Gilda and Butcher made an appearance at the battle for Stable 2, proving effective against the invading Fillydelphia Rangers.

Little Gilda and her owner were shown again particapating in Littlepip's plan of attack, whilst Littlepip was assaulting Neighvarro, Butcher and Little Gilda were present at Tenpony tower, assisiting in clearing the clouds and repelling Enclave forces. Butcher was killed during the fighting and Little Gilda was seemingly lost, falling down to the ground.

Regina Grimfeathers who had been knocked out of the air earlier, returned to the fight, aiding her mother and wielding Little Gilda. It is presumed that Regina retained ownership of the weapon since Blackwing likely retired due to her injuries and had no need of such a weapon.

Notes & Trivia

  • Little Gilda & Butcher are based on the unique minigun Eugene and its owner Brick from Fallout 3
  • Brick & Butcher both offer their prized weapons as payment to Littlepip/The Lone Wanderer
  • The weapon is named after the famous Griffin mercenary Gilda
  • Has Little in its name, like Little Macintosh