Little Macintosh
Little Macintosh.png
Image of Little Macintosh, Art by
~ DAfavicon.png Mistermech
Type Double-Action Revolver
Owner Littlepip
Manufacturer Ironshod Firearms
commissioned by Applejack

Little Macintosh is a unique double-action revolver manufactured by Ironshod Firearms and wielded primarily by Littlepip throughout her travels in the Equestrian Wasteland.


The Revolver has a scope on the top and a white ivory grip for more comfortable handling in the mouth. Like all small firearms, it was designed to be tongue/mouth operated and made for Earth Pony use, which makes sense given Applejack was the one who had it made. Three apples are emblazoned on the white ivory grip, in the same pattern as Applejack's Cutie mark.



The Weapon never saw any actual use, it was commissioned by Applejack and named after her older brother Big Macintosh. It was kept in Ironshod Firearms where it remained until the modern day.

Modern Day

Littlepip, after recovering the weapon, frequently uses Little Macintosh in combat. It is described as a very loud and powerful Revolver. The weapon remains with Littlepip throughout most of her journey and is placed inside the stasis pod hooked up to the S.P.P along with other items holding memories for Littlepip & mementos from her friends.


  • Little Macintosh is based upon Blackhawk a unique Scoped .44 Magnum from Fallout 3 in which they are both high caliber handguns, and the ammunition is scarce through the wasteland, or Lucky from Fallout New Vegas in which they both have a symbol on the handle.
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